Today in Romania: 10/01/17

Dan Voiculescu, the former Romanian senator and owner of the Intact Media Group (which controls the Antena TV stations) was denied early release from prison today. Voiculescu is serving a 10 year sentence for corruption, and had hoped that he would be granted time off in lieu of the vast number of books he has… Continue reading Today in Romania: 10/01/17

Britain is crap

Unless you spent today in an abandoned nuclear bunker with Lord Lucan and Nicolae Ceausescu, you will no doubt already know that the British government has floated the idea of running ads in Romania and Bulgaria portraying Britain as a bit of a crap place that nobody in their right mind would want to move… Continue reading Britain is crap

Hagi, The Guardian & Pisspoor Journalism

As we understand things, times are tough at Realitatea, Romania’s ‘top’ TV news channel: reports that the media firm’s bank accounts were blocked for non-payment of taxes certainly suggest as much. That’s none of our business. Pointing out crap journalism is something we consider our business, however, especially if it involves a little iconclasm. Today’s… Continue reading Hagi, The Guardian & Pisspoor Journalism