Romanian Design Week

In a city that can often appear to be populated entirely by expired troglodytes, the kind of people who are about to elect a reactionary retrograde as their new mayor, our visit yesterday to Romanian Design Week came as a welcome confirmation of the fact that far from going backwards Bucharest – and Romania with… Continue reading Romanian Design Week

Football for everyone

The current manager of the Romanian national football team, Anghel Iordanescu, once threw a female photographer off the team’s plane, claiming that ‘women bring bad luck and have no place in football.’ Sadly (although unsurprisingly) there were no repercussions: anywhere else – with the possible exception of Iran or Saudi Arabia – he would have… Continue reading Football for everyone

Sector 3’s facelift: It’s all on the never-never

You can’t swing a cat in Bucharest’s Sector 3 at the moment without hitting yet another block getting a ‘free, EU-financed’ facelift. Ahead of June 5th’s local election, the mayor of our glorious People’s Republic, Robert Negoita, has focused his re-election campaign on the renovation of communist-era blocks. Negoita would have us believe that he… Continue reading Sector 3’s facelift: It’s all on the never-never

Don’t you know there’s an election on?

Actually, unless you read these pages or follow the local news, chances are you don’t. Strict new rules have made the current campaign for Romania’s local elections – scheduled for June 5th – the most visually muted in history. With under three weeks to go until polling day, the cities, towns and villages of Romania… Continue reading Don’t you know there’s an election on?

Back at the ballet, nothing has been resolved

Since we last wrote on these pages about the goings on at the Romanian National Ballet (RNB), there have been no real positive developments. The new Minister of Culture Corina Suteu has yet to appoint a new permanent director of the Romanian National Opera (RNO; of which the RNB is part), meaning that former artistic… Continue reading Back at the ballet, nothing has been resolved