No Smoking

One year ago today smoking was banned in all indoor public spaces in Romania. The doom and gloom merchants said it would never work, and that cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs would close. They were wrong. Most venues in fact thrive. What has made the law work – in our opinion – is the… Continue reading No Smoking

Ban this sick filth!

Just when you thought they couldn’t sink any lower. Russia – where a recent law decriminalized domestic violence – and Malaysia – where much of the country lives under Sharia law – are the models that the delightful Family Coalition (or, to give it its proper name: ‘The Coalition of Men Who Want to Control… Continue reading Ban this sick filth!

Easter lights

It would be nice, very nice, if these pages were not increasingly devoted to the fuckwittery of Bucharest’s mayor, the delightful Gabriela Firea. We mean it. No, we did not vote for her but we would be thrilled if she turned out to be such a fantastic, go-ahead, get-stuff-done administrator that even gnarled, bitter critics… Continue reading Easter lights

Another Bucharest gourmet burger bar

An ad popped into our Facebook newsfeed yesterday informing us that yet another gourmet burger bar (the name is unimportant) had opened in Bucharest. We already knew of course (it is our job to know), and had long ago begun to be utterly unmoved by such things. Why? Because there are already far too many… Continue reading Another Bucharest gourmet burger bar