Sleeping With Sirens

Towns and cities across Romania have been testing their Cold War-era emergency/air raid sirens this morning. Most people (including us) heard absolutely nothing. Instead of being woken up by the impending doom of Russian nuclear weapons we slept through the whole thing, as did the Bucharest Life kids. A quick glance at Romanian social media… Continue reading Sleeping With Sirens

Gilead: The Romanian Connection

From this week’s New Statesman: Abortion has been legal in Romania since the fall of Ceausescu. Under his rule, it’s estimated 10,000 women died as a result of so-called illegal abortions. For post-communist Romania, legalising abortion was seen as a way to move forward from the horrors of the dictatorship. Although abortion is now legal… Continue reading Gilead: The Romanian Connection

Easter weekend in Bucharest

A few ideas for things to do this Easter weekend in Bucharest, when it may at times appear that you have the city to yourself. On Saturday morning Valentin Mandache (who last week acted as tour guide for Prince Charles, no less) will be giving one of his architectural tours of the city, looking at… Continue reading Easter weekend in Bucharest

‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to do your taxes’

Every household in Romania is to get its very own tax consultant, provided for free by the Romanian state. Liviu Dragnea, leader of the ruling PSD, announced yesterday that the government intends to hire no fewer that 35,000 of these tax consultants, paying them a more than healthy monthly wage of 10,000 lei (around €2200),… Continue reading ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to do your taxes’

She’s trolling now

Following on from Monday’s announcement that Bucharest City Council will be paying out a shed load of cash for a Ronald Reagan statue, would anyone care to guess what yesterday’s brainwave courtesy Gabriela Firea, mayor of the Romanian capital and undisputed Queen of Kitsch was? That’s right: a ‘most beautiful balcony’ competition. Now, leaving aside… Continue reading She’s trolling now