Bucharest Craft Beer Festival

The first ever Bucharest Craft Beer Festival will next weekend bring together all of Romania’s best craft beers, IPAs and ciders from the finest breweries, as well as a few tipples from the neighbours, including Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia. Breweries taking part include: Bereta, Clark’s Cider, Sikaru, Zaganu, Caledonian Brewery, Csiki Sor and Ground Zero… Continue reading Bucharest Craft Beer Festival

Once again, Victor Ponta outdoes himself

As we may have mentioned once or twice before, it is not easy to win the much-coveted ‘Biggest Scumbag in Romanian Politics’ award. The competition (which encompasses the vast majority of the Romanian political class) is fierce. Time and time again in recent years however, one politician has managed to stand head and shoulders above… Continue reading Once again, Victor Ponta outdoes himself

The best way to stop queue jumping is to do away with the queue

We’re a bit late to the Calin Popescu Tariceanu scandal, but it’s been a busy week in which – amongst much else – we scaled Musala, at 2925 metres the highest mountain in the Balkans. Now, for any of you who have not followed the story, here’s a quick recap. Very early last Monday morning… Continue reading The best way to stop queue jumping is to do away with the queue

The joy of motoring in Romania

We’ve been on something of a Romanian odyssey this past week. From one end of the country to another we’ve driven from Bucharest to Petresti and back, with stops at Cluj, Campia Turzii, Alba Iulia, Sibiu and Curtea de Arges along the way. What have we learnt? Nothing new, merely confirmation that driving long distances… Continue reading The joy of motoring in Romania

Let me see your ID

The words ‘Let me see your ID’ are synonymous with oppression. In the 1980s the Artists United Against Apartheid (best known for Sun City) even wrote a song of the same name, in protest at apartheid-era South Africa’s Pass Laws, one of the ugliest manifestations of that country’s apartheid policy. In brief, all black people… Continue reading Let me see your ID