Only Laura can save us now

Or, Firea sa fie, as they say in these parts. So the Romanian Constitutional Court has decided: one-round mayoral elections do not breach anybody’s constitutional rights, and so June’s ballot to elect the mayors of Romania’s city, towns and villages will be held on a ‘first-past-the-post’ basis. This is not unexpected news, but it still… Continue reading Only Laura can save us now

Romanian ballet’s opera buffa is no laughing matter

At the Romanian National Opera, the farce continues. Indeed, it’s quickly becoming a tragedy. Romania’s Minister of Culture Vlad Alexandrescu resigned this morning, citing his failure to solve the ongoing conflict at the opera’s ballet. This follows yesterday’s events, when ballerina Alina Cojocaru (pictured below) and Danish ballet dancer and choreographer Johan Kobborg were told… Continue reading Romanian ballet’s opera buffa is no laughing matter

You are Liviu Dragnea

Pace Paul Trevillion. Who wants to play at being a Romanian politician? Here’s how the game works: we give you a simple, everyday problem any Romanian politician might face, and then present you with three possible answers. You simply have to pick the right one. Here is today’s question: You are the leader of the… Continue reading You are Liviu Dragnea

The Week in Bucharest Life

A quick recap of events over the past ten days or so in the never-a-dull-moment nuthouse that is the Romanian capital. — First off, the good news: Cheap taxis are back at Otopeni, at least in theory. The restrictions on access to the arrivals terminal (introduced on April 1st) have been removed until at least… Continue reading The Week in Bucharest Life

Taxis at Otopeni: Power to the people!

A victory for Bucharest Life, the people of (and visitors to) Bucharest, and for common sense. Bucharest Otopeni today did a full reverse ferret on its recent decision to prevent cheap taxis from picking up passengers from the Romanian capital’s only airport. As our regular reader will know, ridiculous new rules introduced on April 1st… Continue reading Taxis at Otopeni: Power to the people!