The Week in Romania

Senator resigns in response to street protests Thousands of Romanians demonstrated outside the country’s senate on Thursday in protest at its refusal to allow investigators to open criminal proceedings against former minister of the interior Gabriel Oprea. In October 2015 one of Oprea’s police motorcycle outriders, Bogdan Gigina, was killed while escorting the then interior… Continue reading The Week in Romania

Parliament, tonight, Six O’Clock

Bucharest is set for its biggest civil protest of the year this evening, at six o’clock at Casa Poporului, Romania’s parliament. The protest has been organised by Coruptia Ucide, set up following the fire at Colectiv last year. The reason for the protest? Monday’s senate vote which saw Gabriel Oprea once again spared a criminal… Continue reading Parliament, tonight, Six O’Clock


Bucharest’s notoriously awful taxi drivers have reportedly taken to underhand tactics in order to try and get rid of the competition: Uber. The ride-sharing app, which first appeared in the Romanian capital last year, has been gaining traction of late as more and more drivers hit the streets in order to meet increased demand. The… Continue reading Uber

Registering a car in Romania

Much has been made these past few months about the current Romanian government’s crusade against the country’s often insane and Kafkaesque levels of bureaucracy. As almost any visitor to these pages will know, carrying out even the most simple and rudimentary task in Romania often involves an amount of paperwork that would make a Byzantine… Continue reading Registering a car in Romania

For Turkey read Romania. For Gulen read Soros

It is no secret that former Romanian prime minister and proven fraudster Victor Ponta is a good friend of the Turkish dictator Recep Erdogan. Nor should the fact come as a surprise to anyone who was unaware of it: nasty pieces of work tend to stick together. What should be of concern to us all… Continue reading For Turkey read Romania. For Gulen read Soros