Fell in love with an alien

Ever heard of the Kelly Family? An incredibly cheesy, kitsch Irish family pop combo featuring tens of kids? (If you added the Corrs and the Nolans together you’d still be well short of the kind of numbers we are talking here). They were vaguely big in Germany (but then again, who wasn’t?) and had a… Continue reading Fell in love with an alien

Welcome to Romania

On the approach to the so-called Podul Prieteniei (Friendship Bridge) which links the Romanian city of Giurgiu with its Bulgarian counterpart Ruse across the Danube are two white columns. The column on the left is engraved with the year 1952, the one on the right 1954. The dates signify the beginning and end of the… Continue reading Welcome to Romania

Elie Wiesel: A Romanian giant

Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Prize-winning author and Holocaust survivor, died on Saturday aged 87. Wiesel, born in Sighet in Maramures, was deported to Auschwitz along with his family in 1944, before ending up in Buchenwald – where he was liberated in April 1945. One of the finest human beings ever to hail from these parts,… Continue reading Elie Wiesel: A Romanian giant

Down with sport and culture

Down with this sort of thing.​ We are on an extended holiday – hence the relative radio silence – but while idling on a beach this morning we couldn’t help ourselves from pressing the ‘write new post’ button after reading about Gabriela Firea’s latest amazing idea. Firea, you will recall, was recently elected mayor of… Continue reading Down with sport and culture

Why do you live in Romania? Why do you have opinions?

We are beyond laid back here at Bucharest Life. Very little bothers us enough to warrant anything other than mild indifference. It is, after all, the English way. There are two things you can say to us though which can be guaranteed to raise at least a mild response. We’ve had both of these thrown… Continue reading Why do you live in Romania? Why do you have opinions?