Why do you live in Romania? Why do you have opinions?

We are beyond laid back here at Bucharest Life. Very little bothers us enough to warrant anything other than mild indifference. It is, after all, the English way. There are two things you can say to us though which can be guaranteed to raise at least a mild response. We’ve had both of these thrown… Continue reading Why do you live in Romania? Why do you have opinions?

The other queue

For the past six months we have nonchalantly been telling anyone who asks us about next week’s referendum on Britain’s European Union (EU) membership that ‘it won’t even be close.’ We have been predicting a ten per cent victory (meaning 55 per cent voting remain) at the very least. With just a week to go… Continue reading The other queue

Cheap taxis back at Otopeni. Possibly

Bucharest’s Otopeni Airport today announced that as of Wednesday June 15th, cheap taxis charging a maximum 1.40 lei will be allowed to wait for passengers directly outside the main, first-floor arrivals terminal. There will be no need to use the machines to order a taxi (unless you want a taxi from a particular company). The… Continue reading Cheap taxis back at Otopeni. Possibly

What channel is the football on?

Pro TV. Well, most games. You can exactly which ones here. Pro TV stepped in after TVR were unable to make the payments for the free-to-air rights for the tournament. Pro TV will show one game per day during the group stage (including all of Romania’s games), three second-round games, all four quarter-finals, the semi-finals… Continue reading What channel is the football on?

A quick few things…

Firstly, we laughed out loud yesterday at the news that that great Christian and patriot Marian Munteanu was, during the communist period, a willing Securitate informer. Munteanu, you may remember, is the fascist who was, for five minutes before decent people everywhere objected, the PNL’s candidate for mayor of Bucharest. — Next, our new mayor… Continue reading A quick few things…