Andy Warhol in Bucharest

Andy Warhol comes to Bucharest. For the first time ever 85 original works by one of the greatest artists of the 20th century will be on display in the Romanian capital, in the foyer of the Sala Mica at Bucharest’s National Theatre. All of the works are on loan from the Andy Warhol Museum of… Continue reading Andy Warhol in Bucharest

Takes one to know one

Of all the crap articles ever written about Romania in the foreign press, the pro-PSD puff-piece which appears in The Independent today has to be one of the most utterly ridiculous. Ostensibly a profile of Liviu Dragnea, the piece portrays the PSD leader as a beacon of hope for the European centre-left. After elections in… Continue reading Takes one to know one

Bucharest’s delightful first family

Back in June the good people of Bucharest elected Gabriela Vranceanu Firea Pandele as their new mayor. We say good people, but in fact low turnout and the one-round, winner-takes-all voting system employed meant that Firea’s victory was never in doubt. In a two-round election she would have been annihilated in a run-off by Nicusor… Continue reading Bucharest’s delightful first family

Leave our traditions alone!

More than half of Romanians believe that rape is ‘acceptable’ in certain circumstances. Apparently, if girls are drunk, wearing provocative clothing or ‘don’t fight back’ then they are fair game. The figure comes from a major EU study of attitudes towards gender-based violence across the continent. It’s becoming increasingly clear why organisations such as the… Continue reading Leave our traditions alone!