Another win for Bucharest

Bucharest was named as Europe’s most congested city (fifth worldwide) by GPS software developer TomTom in its annual traffic index. Strangely, the city’s mayor Gabriela Firea has not yet commented on Bucharest taking such a prestigious title, despite congestion growing by a whopping seven per cent – overtaking both Moscow and Beijing – so far… Continue reading Another win for Bucharest

Bucharest’s budget

Leaving aside the fact that Bucharest still does not have a budget for 2017 (the mayor, Gabriela Firea, clearly has other priorities), this website has put together a number of graphics showing how the city spent its money last year (using data now freely available from Budget Transparency, a legacy of the Dacian Ciolos government’s… Continue reading Bucharest’s budget

Let’s do maths with the PSD

The USR is not everyone’s cup of tea and it is clear that they are still on a very steep learning curve as a party: it was, after all, formed less than a year ago. The lack of any other real parliamentary opposition to the ruling PSD-ALDE coalition has not worked in their favour: people’s… Continue reading Let’s do maths with the PSD

The State of Play (& Why Romania’s Protests Go On)

The now infamous Emergency Ordinance (OUG) 13 – which as you may remember decriminalised acts of corruption up to a value of 200,000 lei (around €43,000) and which was issued late at night by the Romanian government on January 31st – was ostensibly annulled by OUG 14, issued on February 5th. The annulment came in… Continue reading The State of Play (& Why Romania’s Protests Go On)

Informers: Stay Vigilant!

For some time now the Romanian government and its apologists have been peddling the line that the country’s president Klaus Iohannis is a foreign agent whose mission is to break up the country. Truth is of course, Romania broke up into two distinct pieces a number of years ago. There are now – and have… Continue reading Informers: Stay Vigilant!