The Romanian meaning of the word ‘communist’

Had this delightful exchange on Twitter at the weekend with somebody (who may or not be real) called Dana Sultanescu: @bucharestlife @TurpMax Why bring up politics? My q comes from having lived my chilhood under communism. Your use of the word is insulting — Dana Sultanescu (@DanaSultanescu) October 25, 2014 It all came in response… Continue reading The Romanian meaning of the word ‘communist’

Victor Ponta will not be Romania’s next president

In the good old days of the Socialist Republic of Romania, president Nicolae Ceausescu would regularly feed his cult of personality by holding enormous, meticulously prepared rallies in football stadiums. Workers would be brought in from all over the country to cheer and applaud on cue, usually in exchange for extra rations. Based on the… Continue reading Victor Ponta will not be Romania’s next president

Let’s get political

It’s been far, far too long since we had a proper look at the mad, bad world of Romanian politics, so much so that we have even had people sending us emails demanding to find out what we think about the upcoming presidential election. So, with the long Romanian summer now over, and finding ourselves… Continue reading Let’s get political

What now?

Unless you have spent the past week in a bunker with Lord Lucan, you will know that on Friday evening the Romanian parliament voted to suspend president Traian Basescu. What follows is a referendum – to be held on July 29th – in which Romanians will decide whether or not they want to suspend Basescu… Continue reading What now?

Today’s dispatches

We’ve seen three dispatches from the Romanian political barricades so far today, and all are worth reading. From Reuters: Romania president accuses government of power grab From The New York Times: Romania Unravels the Rule of Law From The Economist: Democracy or Demagogy Our own contribution? Just to say that Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta’s… Continue reading Today’s dispatches