Posts which write themselves

More Happy Peasants, this time from the AFP. It is the usual (now all too familiar) tale of how Romanians like nothing better than a day’s back-breaking work, in this instance picking elderflowers for two lei a kilo. Yes, two lei a kilo. The story even has a tenuous Prince Charles reference for extra points.… Continue reading Posts which write themselves

Romania in poverty porn boost

Posh people who love ogling at Romanian peasants doing back breaking work, or watching old women carry water up steep hills got an unexpected boost this week when it was announced that two further episodes of the documentary Wild Carpathia had been commissioned by the Travel Channel. You can watch the original film here, and… Continue reading Romania in poverty porn boost

Incredible film of Maramures in the 1960s

So Parmalat does have his uses. It was he who sent us the link to this rather amazing documentary film about village life in Romania sometime in the 1960s. A more precise date we do not have, but we would guess that the film was made around 1966-7, at the time of the – relative… Continue reading Incredible film of Maramures in the 1960s

End the farm subsidies

Thousands of Romania’s better-off farmers besieged the seat of Romania’s government last week to protest a cut in the subsidies (also known as money for nothing) they receive as part of the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Never a big fan of subsidies of any kind, we have always thought that agricultural subsidies in… Continue reading End the farm subsidies

Romania travel article bingo

Posts like these now write themselves (as, it could be argued, do the travel articles they are about). Anyway, Romania travel article bingo. How to play? Simple. Just take the following list of words and phrases then tick them off as you read a travel article about Romania: Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu Dracula Dracula’s Castle… Continue reading Romania travel article bingo