The Return of the Minister of Tourism

No, not her. Since the heyday of Elena Udrea the Romanian Ministry of Tourism has led something of a nomadic existence. Since losing its stand-alone status in 2014 it has at times been part of the Small Business Ministry, the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Regional Development. In the new, extended cabinet… Continue reading The Return of the Minister of Tourism

Sector 3’s facelift: It’s all on the never-never

You can’t swing a cat in Bucharest’s Sector 3 at the moment without hitting yet another block getting a ‘free, EU-financed’ facelift. Ahead of June 5th’s local election, the mayor of our glorious People’s Republic, Robert Negoita, has focused his re-election campaign on the renovation of communist-era blocks. Negoita would have us believe that he… Continue reading Sector 3’s facelift: It’s all on the never-never

Sweet Justice

Neculai Ontanu, leader of the UNPR party and mayor – for more than 15 years – of Bucharest’s Sector 2 (that’s the Obor/Colentina/Tei/Pantelimon area of the city) was yesterday arrested by Romania’s anti-corruption agency, the DNA, on charges of corruption. His lawyer, Loredana Radu, was also arrested. Deliciously, it emerged this morning that Ontanu had… Continue reading Sweet Justice

The Year in Bucharest Life

We began the year as we meant to go on, with a bit of a whinge about the ongoing sorry state of Romania’s skiing infrastructure. What particularly riled us at Azuga was the need to buy two lift passes. We later found out (via this comment) that to enjoy all of the runs (there are… Continue reading The Year in Bucharest Life