Bucharest City Council in new arse and elbow mix-up

A clever and provocative art installation drawing attention to the fact that Bucharest’s drivers have a habit of parking just about wherever they like (you can take a look at our Badly Parked Cars page if you need any evidence) has been causing something of a stir in the Romanian capital this week. The installation… Continue reading Bucharest City Council in new arse and elbow mix-up

Romanian Design Week

In a city that can often appear to be populated entirely by expired troglodytes, the kind of people who are about to elect a reactionary retrograde as their new mayor, our visit yesterday to Romanian Design Week came as a welcome confirmation of the fact that far from going backwards Bucharest – and Romania with… Continue reading Romanian Design Week

Bucharest museum blues

A tale of three Bucharest museums. The director of the Romanian National Art Museum (MNAR), Roxana Theodorescu, told various assembled officials on Wednesday that if they wanted to visit her museum they should do so ‘as quickly as possible,’ because at the rate the museum is having to hand back nationalised works of art to… Continue reading Bucharest museum blues

Bucharest might be nice when it’s finished

We returned to the Romanian capital last night after a few weeks away to discover much of the city has become an enormous building site. From Piata Sudului to Casa Scanteii almost all of Bucharest’s main roads and junctions appear to be undergoing serious repair or construction work. The north of the city is the… Continue reading Bucharest might be nice when it’s finished

Calea Victoriei & Bucharest Walks

A couple of weeks ago we looked at some of the plans Bucharest City Council has for the centre of the city, one of which was to make Calea Victoriei – Bucharest’s most famous street – a more friendly place for pedestrians. On Wednesday the council put a little more detail on those proposals and… Continue reading Calea Victoriei & Bucharest Walks