Welcome to Romania

On the approach to the so-called Podul Prieteniei (Friendship Bridge) which links the Romanian city of Giurgiu with its Bulgarian counterpart Ruse across the Danube are two white columns. The column on the left is engraved with the year 1952, the one on the right 1954. The dates signify the beginning and end of the… Continue reading Welcome to Romania

Cheap taxis back at Otopeni. Possibly

Bucharest’s Otopeni Airport today announced that as of Wednesday June 15th, cheap taxis charging a maximum 1.40 lei will be allowed to wait for passengers directly outside the main, first-floor arrivals terminal. There will be no need to use the machines to order a taxi (unless you want a taxi from a particular company). The… Continue reading Cheap taxis back at Otopeni. Possibly

Bucharest In Your Pocket 100

We made it. Issue 100. You can download it here if you really want to. You may also be interested in this (poorly scanned) issue 1. Meantime, here’s a rather self-congratulatory text (taken from the guide), looking back at our beginnings and comparing the Bucharest of then (1999) with the Bucharest of now. In a… Continue reading Bucharest In Your Pocket 100

Otopeni Airport fucks things up, yet again

UPDATE (6/4/2016): A pertinent, well-written comment (take notes everyone) from a taxi driver who works for one of the decent Bucharest taxi companies, Speed, has shed some light on what is really going on at Otopeni, and why the cheaper taxis have all but disappeared: You are all getting it wrong. I work as a… Continue reading Otopeni Airport fucks things up, yet again

Fleecing the foreigners

We have spotted a worrying trend whilst researching the latest issue of Bucharest In Your Pocket (which, by the way, will be issue 100. Expect more on that particular subject. Much more): Tourists in Bucharest are being fleeced. In a nutshell, the old communist-era practice of charging foreign tourists more than locals is making a… Continue reading Fleecing the foreigners