Bucharest’s most beautiful street

The good people at Metropotam (the Romanian-language half-decent guide to Bucharest) are currently asking for people’s opinions about the most beautiful street in Bucharest.

The various people they have asked have come up with the following suggestions:

Dumbrava Rosie
Aleea Alexandru
Strada Salcamilor
Strada Dionisie Lupu
Strada Frumoasa
Strada Pasteur
Strada Inocentei
Calea Victoriei
Soseaua Kisellef
Strada Frumoasa
Strada Vadul Moldovei
Strada Arthur Verona
Strada Ion Brezoianu
Strada Obolului
Strada Ion Filitti
Strada Ankara

Some of these choices are bizarre: Brezoianu in particular is busy, dusty and a downright mess in places. Of those suggested, we would probably go for the obvious (Kisellef), not least for the museums and the park at the southern end. The startling number of derelict houses at the northern end would have to be ignored.

Having had a think about it, however, our vote for the most beautiful street in Bucharest would go to Strada Xenofon (which is here).

Strada Xenofon is the only street of its kind in Bucharest (at least we think it is, feel free to correct us): a staircase, basically, which leads from Strada Constantin Istrati up to Aleea Suter and the Carol Park Hotel. While hardly beautiful in the classic sense of the word, the street is charming and serves as something of a reminder that Bucharest (at least parts of the city) is actually rather hilly.

strada-xenofon-bucharestPhoto source

  • Salutare! Eu sunt din Bucuresti. Am vizitat Budapesta de cateva ori. Am stat si 3 saptamani odata. Budapesta este mai frumoasa decat este Bucurestiul. Parerea mea! Acest lucru este, in special, datorita Dunarii, si a dealurilor din Buda. Din punct de vedere turistic, sau al traficului (semnalizari, marcaje) Budapesta este cu mult peste Bucuresti. De asemeni, este un oras foarte bine sistematizat, practic nu poti sa te ratacesti. In schimb, Bucurestiul este mai imprevizibil si parca mai viu. Toate cele bune!

  • Ethan

    Where the money and time have been spent restoring some of the historic buildings, the results are really great.

    I hope everyone can resist tearing anything else out.

    Maybe there’s a way for the city to encourage businesses to renovate historic spaces instead of building new in the suburbs.

    Recommended: historo.wordpress.com

  • Silwer

    the architeture in budapest is overrated. Those streets in bucharest blows. usapest and other eastern european cities out of the water. The only instering and beautiful in Budapest are the historical landmarks and sights, however when it comes to streets of Budapest, very few buildings on those facade posses the same type of beauty as Those houses you will witness on the streets of Bucharest

    • ‘The only instering and beautiful in Budapest are the historical landmarks and sights’

      There are rather a lot of them though. Just saying…

      • Silwer

        Yeah, well. Possibly. But so what? Is the resdential area that counts. Not Historical landmarks. Otherwise I can put The antheum Palace or the Musuem of art as the most beatufiul buildings in Bucharest, but they are not. Is the resdential areas that counts. Bucharest is the only place in Europe who have put resedentials area on a beauty scale like Zona Cotroceni, filled with Brancovnesc style. Like Lascar Catargiu,a zone filled with Belle Epoque houses. Every single house in the brancovanesc style blows Hungarian houses out of the water. The architeture of Lascar Catargiu beats everything you will witness on the streets of Andrassy Avenue.. Bucharest has more beautiful Belle Epoque houses than Paris itself. You don´t believe me? Walk on the streets of Champs Elysee, except for two buildings like The Grand and Petit Palace how many other buildings in Paris resembles the ones you can find on Strada Batistei or Strada Roma for instance? Two streets fiilled with Branconvanesc style houses which in my opinion is the most beautiful style in Europe alongside with Neo-Gothic and Spanish Moorish.

        • Silwer

          And I know is hard for you to understand Craig. But take a glimpse of our facades on our historical buildings(Brancovanesc and Belle Epoque)and compare the ones you´ll find in Hungary Budapest. Our facades(hell even the Socialist ones) have way more decorations(floricele) than the facades in Budapest.Let´s exclude the civic center, the old town and the main streets of both Budapest and Bucharest. Let´s exclude Lipscani and the old town in Budapest, let´s exclude Calea Victoriei and Andrassy Avenue. Let´s focus on normal streets where people still live their normal lifes. The normal resendtial area. Tell me, who wins the battle? I mean, on every street in Bucharest there´s at least a couple of houses build in either Art-novou, French Belle Epoque or Neo-Brancovanesc. Something that you will not find on NORMAL street in Budapest, only historical such as Andrassy Avenue. And that´s about it. Hungarians are not that much of creative race of a people like western Europeans want them to be. Sure, the parliament building in Budapest may blow the peoples palace in Bucharest out of the water. But so what? Google Palatul Sturdza, and witness the how the original Parliament building look like before it was demolished by our possible the worst dictator ever. Ferdinand the scond.

          Remember this. Bucharest is still the only city in Europe(and possibly on this planet that have yet rebuilded anything from the past. Yet our architeture, regardless if it is a Belle Epoque or a house in neo-romanian syle still compete with great buildings of Western Europe. What happens if we rebuild everyhing from the past. Will the arrogant Western Europeans accept that? Sure, it probably will never happen. Romanians are a stupid race of people. But still, think about it.

          • There is no doubt that Bucharest is home to some superb houses, and nobody except a fool would argue with that. Alas there are few and these and they are out of reach for all but the very wealthiest. When we talk of normal, working class residential areas we must talk of Titan, Vitan, Militari etc. not Cotroceni.

            • Silwer

              Titan, Vitan and Militari. They don´t count. Then I can easily claim that resendential areas like Flemingberg, Tensta, Rinkeby are part of Stockholm too, right? All area with concrete blocks which resembles very much the ones in Bucharest.

          • Anon

            Prague blows Budapest and Bucharest out of the water.

            • Agreed, but I am not quite sure how we got on to Budapest . I never mentioned the place. The post was about Bucharest. Maybe Mr. Silwer confuses Bucharest with Budapest: he wouldn’t be the first…

              • Anon


            • Silwer

              Alas, for now, probably. But when Bucharest will have a mayor who is worthy the seat then Bucharest will have equally beautiful architeture like the ones in Prague. What? You don´t think Romanians are capable of becoming a great people? Remember, we did manage to build buildings like Sturdza Palace or great beautiful hotels like Hotel High Life. But Ferdinand the second demolished them…

              So why aren´t Romanians capable of doing the same again? In my opinion, Romanians and Czechs are by far the greatest races of people in Eastern Europe. And can easily be compared with other great people like the Germans, The Austrians, or the French.

              Remember. Bucharest was way more beautiful than Prague during the inter-war period. The architeture like Sturdza Palace, Hotel High life, the district area of Calea Grivita were all way more beautiful than the architeture you can find on the streets of Prague. We had a better intelectual life, better writers, more tasteful wine, better looking females, we enjoy ourself by reading out loud poems, while listening to great music alá Zavaidoc, Jean Moscopol, Cristian Vasile or the legendary Maria Tanase.

              So probably for now Romanians are more of an inferior race than Czech. But back then, before comunists. Romanians were considered to be one world´s greatest people and that something to be admired of.

            • Silwer

              Intelectual nationalist, like great masters such as Codreanu, Radu Gyr, not like those drunkards inferior beings who get drunk and still pride themselves for Romanians when they have nothing in common with the cutlture whatsoever. I for instance, I´m modern nationalist. I want to legalize gay marriage in churches, the reason why is because I personally want everybody to fully embrace Romanian culture, Romanian heritage, the Romanian values etc et.c

              • Anon

                Nationalism teaches nothing other than you hate people you’ve never met, and to take pride in accomplishments you played no part in.

  • Crae

    Not weeding out the stubborn crabgrass in the paving cracks give the image an authentic !ucharest edge.

    I notice Miz Ellicson has been less vocal around here lately.

  • Mr Rearguard

    I have a place in Bucharest close by to those steps. I often use to walk up them on Sunday afternoons with the wife.

  • Roger

    Yet another reminder that Bucharest really does has a lot to offer as a genuine tourist destination, as do many parts of Romania.

    Some wonderful streets and architecture to be seen (even the apartments Davina) 🙂