Hide your dogs, the Romanians are coming

Talk about a lie is halfway around the world before the truth has even pulled its boots on.

If you search the #romania hashtag on Twitter at the moment, you will notice that one subject in particular dominates the conversation: stray dogs. Specifically, the search is dominated by desperate people pleading for the ‘Romanian dog massacre’ to stop. This renewed social media assault on reason was sparked by the Romanian Constitutional Court (CCR) yesterday declaring that a new law allowing stray dogs to be put down was constitutional.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, the law will allow local councils to implement best-practice stray dog policies, based on the premise that once caught, strays will no longer be released back on to the streets. They will either be adopted, housed indefinitely in pounds or humanely put down. This policy is much the same as those used with great success in the UK and throughout the EU.

Unfortunately, many dog lovers have got their knickers in a twist and their facts wrong, and have allowed themselves to be convinced by the Romanian dog NGOs that a brutal, bloody massacre of Romania’s dogs is happening right now. One of the more deluded tweets we have seen today is this one, complete with a photo of what is apparently going on in Romania as we speak:

When we pointed out the photo was clearly of somewhere in Asia, we were told that did not matter.

For the umpteenth time, there is no stray dog massacre going on in Romania.

Anyway, the award for today’s daftest tweet (for its less than subtle hint of racism) goes to this one:

Yep, that’s right. Apparently, come January 1st, 2014, Romanians are heading en bloc to Britain not just to steal everybody’s homes, jobs and claim billions of pounds in benefits, but they are also coming to kill Britain’s dogs.

‘Hide your dogs, the Romanians are coming.’

You couldn’t make it up.


  1. Kelsey says:

    So what is happening with the stray dog population? footage released yesterday shows 90 shelter dogs being dragged into vans (bleeding) some after being neutered and still recovering from anesthesia.

    Why would the ASPA remove them from shelters? Particularly those tat had all found homes in the UK and we’re waiting to be shipped out? The animals appeared healthy, well looked after.

    What is your response to hear allegations? I remember a post from you in 2011 about te mass killings that were occurring in Romania. If they are not occurring, on what grounds are these dogs being removed from a shelter designed to protect them?

    • Roger says:

      I’m not so sure at all anymore. I was told with no proof whatsoever by ROMANIAN residents of Bucharest (so be clear on this regarding NO proof!) That strays had been treated inhumanely (in their removal)

      In my opinion there was/is a problem with stray dogs in Romania generally, NO doubt on that.

      I just feel there is enough money in Romania (more than outsiders perhaps imagine) to deal with the issue in a humane manner.

      It’s as simple as that.

  2. Cris says:

    I love the hypocrisy of western Europeans. It is truly refined to an art form. I can give countless examples, but lack the space and would be left feeling….shall I say dog tired?

  3. i have witnessed romanians in italy says:

    Another blog projecting exactly the opposite of what its manager would like…I think you are all protesting too much. Perhaps all this fuss about barbaric Romania has gone beyond a joke. People know what the country is like and “Craig”, your attempts at trying to promote it as a holiday destination (?) just are not working.

  4. Ramon says:

    The evil done by the stray dogs in Romania is nothing to compare with the evil done by stray Romanians worldwide. Should we apply their own rule to collectively fix the issue?

  5. Georgiana says:

    1. The practice in the majority of state dog shelters is anything BUT humane, that you will learn from anyone who has ever visited them in an attempt to adopt a dog. The living as well as death conditions are pathetic, with people who have no training, love or respect for these animals doing the catching and the killing.

    2. the media has been manipulating and turning people against the animals, and all across the country animal lovers have been denouncing an increased number of cases of animal cruelty, asking for help from NGOs or vets. I don’t know about my fellow Romanian,s but if I lived in a country where every day there is a new story (and the pictures that NOONE wants to see because, of course, if we don’t look at it it doesn’t exist) of dogs having their eyes gauged out, dogs shot in the head, or with their paws chopped of , brutally beaten and left in the street to die and so on – well, I’d be more afraid of the people than of the strays…

    • Craig Turp says:

      It would be daft to suggest that there are not isolated cases of brutality. But… the idea that there is a state-wide organised massacre of all dogs going on is simply not true. The dog NGOs should now be concentrating their efforts not on preventing dogs being captured, but by making sure that once captured they either adopted, well treated or humanely put down. And they must reject the idea that it is OK to return dogs to the streets.

      • Anon says:

        I’ve never seen an article in a Romanian newspaper showing dogs being brutally killed. Where does this come from?

        And as I’ve said several times before to stunning silence…even *IF* people were brutally killing dogs, have you considered that this is because up until recently, humane methods were illegal thanks to dog-rights groups? History has shown making something illegal doesn’t get rid of the act, just drives it underground.

      • linda says:

        Perhaps you need to visit the opublic shelters as lots of us british have recently…you may change your mind I assure you…the heartbreak you see will traumatise you…i would suggest there are isolated cases of kindness and compassion..do your research!!

        • Mr Rearguard says:

          @Linda. All them dogs in those shelters are actors! They are there to fool you into parting with your cash. The dogs all go home to mansions at night and eat better than you ever will!

    • Keith says:

      To your point #1: what is it exactly the NGOs are doing here if they are ar first not making the shelters more humane? Seems logical that would be the first place to start your campaign. Seems like all you want to accomplish is shock and awe without actually accomplishing anything good or humane for the dogs you say you love. Time to stop shouting and act. Otherwise, nobody is going to take you seriously anymore. Not that they ever did to begin with.

  6. mcpbait says:

    Every time @Amandashewan tweets a dog is killed. Fact.

  7. Michelle Cummins says:

    The fate of Romania’s dogs would be better served if the NGOs and other Romania bashers stopped their street protests and got off Twitter and instead volunteered at the dog shelters and worked alongside the dog-catchers. They could be on hand to ensure that the stray dogs are treated humanely and do their best to get dogs properly re-homed. They could also be on hand to ensure that a dog about to be euthanised was treated with love and dignity up to its last breath.
    The choice is stark but clear – the dogs have to be removed from public spaces, and they deserve to be treated humanely.

    • Craig Turp says:

      Was talking last night to someone who said much the same: the dog NGOs (who appear to be the starting point of these massacre stories) are doing themselves no favours at all. They will alienate Romanians who might otherwise have helped.

  8. amelie says:

    Finally an article that treats the things they really are. There is no massacre and I as I know our authorities, it won’t be. Unfortunately the authorities will continue to spend the money for their own good (public money not EU funds like it was spread). In this way dogs will be a continuous problem. I am more concerned because people around the world got too much insane. I am a dog lover, I do not agree with the recent law, but I am shocked the way things got so crazy. Our media and the international media are a shame. They use old pictures many of them are not even from our country ( for example here they have used a picture from Russia: http://www.dcnews.ro/2013/09/atentie-imagine-socanta-autoritatile-au-inceput-eutanasia/). Also I am shocked about initiatives like this: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Romania-The-land-of-Death-for-animals/204542339556844 . It is no wonder why Romania become a barbarian country when stupid people distort reality in such a dramatic way. Texts over exaggerate the situations, they are doing very jerk generalizations and many extremely many pictures, are old, repeat it, or not from our country!!! I love dogs and I do not agree the new law, but in the same time I don’t agree such brainless people that does nothing really to help the dogs, but they undermine a lot the Romanian people. Stray dogs and people lives in communion for so many years here. Stray dogs are such a often appearance that they become the normality. Yes, one can say THIS it is not civilized, but it is a real lie to say that the Romanians beat and kill all the dogs and this is a land of death. It is completely untrue.

  9. Roger says:

    FFS :-(

    When will people learn that the internet attracts all sorts from the sane to the sandwich short of a picnic type in buckets full!

    My only concern is that the sane realise that the views of the delusional are NOT the views of the majority of British people.

  10. nashu_mare says:

    This is exclusively your fault. Why aren’t you employed by the BBC?

  11. Maria says:

    Hy. We don’t want to kill dogs but a kid was killed by one of them, many people were bitten by dogs..

  12. Peter Fay says:

    Rumours can be easily spread and escalated to an incredibly crazy degree!
    Marx and Engels spread a rumour that communism was the way to go….

  13. Bear says:

    Just goes to show you that you can fool all of the people all of the time….what a bunch of nut baskets! Yeah, gonna be like Genghis Khan riding into Britain and slaughtering dogs…too damned funny :)))

  14. Giuseppe says:

    Amanda is one deluded, sick puppy :))

    Somehow reading this stuff makes me happy I’ve deleted my Twitter account. Then again, I’ve also closed my Facebook one.

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