Arc de Triumf to get a refit

Bucharest’s Arc de Triumf is to benefit from a €7 million makeover. The city’s Mayor Sorin Oprescu signed a contract today that will see work start in the Spring. He hopes the refurbishment will be finished in time for December 1st, Romania’s National Day, when lots of soldier boys pass underneath and Romania shows off its military hardware in a rather Cold War-esque parade.

Besides restoration work on the Arc itself, the project will also include the construction of a pedestrian underpass underneath the busy roundabout which surrounds it. Until now, getting to the Arc required nerves of steel.

What was not stated today was whether or not the renovation of the Arc will be followed by the permanent opening of its viewing deck. We would hope so. It seems daft spending all this money if people will not be able to climb up to the top. (At present, the viewing deck is opened only on a couple of days each year).


  1. ioana says:

    Looks like Observatorul Astronomic is about to be refreshed, too.
    We went Saturday evening, with daughter + 3 other colleagues from school. Ticket is 2 lei for children, 5 lei for adults. We went up on the roof and they could see Moon, Venus and Jupiter through telescope. The small museum at the first floor is dead, but the guide made up for that, talking to children, with great enthusiasm, answering to all their “why-s”.
    To mention that there were a lot of visitors.
    On their site you can see when there will be special events on the sky, to plan your visit:
    I thought what a pity the museum and the building (Historic Monument) are in such depressing state – but then I googled and found this
    I hope that Observatorul Astronomic will make it on your list of museums, soon.

  2. My Romanian girlfriend has a Hungarian Puli sheep herding dog that just went nuts today when it saw a wolf on a back street of Bucharest. Has anyone else seen wolves in Bucharest? Interesting article on them:

  3. Ayce says:

    All I can say is: finally!

  4. Phil says:

    Nice that someone is thinking about underpasses. Piata Victoriei is a disaster in that respect (though I appreciate there are some issues because of tunnels already there). I doubt it’ll make any difference to pedestrians’ third class status though.

  5. Mr Rearguard says:

    And where is this 7m Euro coming from eh? Because I thought Romania was skint.

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