Some parts of Bucharest are dog free

Woof! We had to pay a visit to Bucurestii Noi yesterday morning, to Jiului to be precise, and as we emerged from the metro we were met by a pack of four rather unpleasant looking, and ferociously barking stray dogs. They appeared to have emerged from the courtyard of a factory whose gates had been… Continue reading Some parts of Bucharest are dog free

How to earn yourself a tip

Vitan – the district of Bucharest in which we live – joined the modern world in October when Telekom (the telecommunications provider formerly known as Romtelecom) finally got round to bringing fibre-optic cables to the area. We have been clients of Telekom/Romtelecom for years (both for internet and television) but the speed of our old… Continue reading How to earn yourself a tip


Just another day on Calea Vitan. This was the sight which greeted us this morning when we went to pick up Daughter of Bucharest Life from school: We have absolutely no idea how the driver (who we think was the fufa in the pink dress on the phone in the top photo, and on the… Continue reading #dinvitan

Eco-Post Office update

The environmentalist movement’s favourite Bucharest post office, Posta Vitan (you know: the one which doesn’t have any electricity) is, we can report, still doing its bit to save the planet, steadfastly refusing to turn the lights back on. At Posta Vitan, it’s Earth Hour every hour, every week, and has been since April. We were… Continue reading Eco-Post Office update