RATB in minor improvement shocker

Whisper it, but there has been a minor revolution at RATB, the Bucharest public transport authority. In what we can only describe as a very small yet welcome leap forward, it has begun to publish full timetable information for every route it operates. What’s more, our early, wholly unscientific experiments would suggest that the timetables… Continue reading RATB in minor improvement shocker

A few observations on public transport in Bucharest

As our regular reader (a Mrs. Trellis of North Wales) will know, we are frequent users of Bucharest’s various forms of public transport: buses, trams and, of course, the metro. In the past we have always tried to be relatively upbeat about the general state of the service offered by RATB (which runs surface-level transport)… Continue reading A few observations on public transport in Bucharest

Ticket to ride

RATB, the company which operates Bucharest’s surface public transport (buses, trolleybuses and trams) is apparently recruiting large numbers of ticket inspectors (controlori) ahead of what promises to be its biggest ever clampdown on those who ride on public transport without paying. Already, on a couple of bus routes, a new policy of placing controlori on… Continue reading Ticket to ride