Soars, Viscri & the obligatory Charles rant

To Soars, a small village just over the hills from Fagaras, a village in which Mother-in-law of Bucharest Life worked (at the mayor’s office) for a time in the 1980s. Some friends have a house there, and as we were at a loose end this holiday weekend we decided to go: we hadn’t been for… Continue reading Soars, Viscri & the obligatory Charles rant

Azuga & Romanian skiing

Start the year as you mean to go on: with a rant. The Bucharest Life New Year’s Eve destination of choice this year was Azuga, best known to most people as one of those places through which traffic crawls on the way to or from Brasov. There has been skiing at Azuga since 2002, when… Continue reading Azuga & Romanian skiing

Romanian government in useful website shock!

Who knew? There is a Romanian government website which informs you of every cancelled or heavily delayed train, closed road, airport and port in the country. We have been keeping an eye on it for a day or two and it appears to be not just accurate, but updated every half an hour or so:… Continue reading Romanian government in useful website shock!

Romania travel article bingo (redux)

Spotter’s Badge to Phil Jacks for this quite brilliant travel piece in yesterday’s Independent: Perfect for playing Romania Travel Article Bingo (a full house is almost guaranteed), we particularly enjoyed this pearl of wisdom: Few 21st-century cultures cherish their superstitions like the Romanians, be it Roma reading the tarot or villagers employing garlic and a… Continue reading Romania travel article bingo (redux)

The idea that tourism can ‘save’ Romania is too simplistic

Shortly after the Romanian revolution of 1989 graffiti appeared on the streets of many cities in the country saying ‘Monarhia salveaza Romania‘ (The monarchy will save Romania). You still see the slogan occasionally, although these days it’s usually written with a heavy sense of irony. Without irony however is the current trend amongst certain parts… Continue reading The idea that tourism can ‘save’ Romania is too simplistic