The Year in Bucharest Life

We began the year as we meant to go on, with a bit of a whinge about the ongoing sorry state of Romania’s skiing infrastructure. What particularly riled us at Azuga was the need to buy two lift passes. We later found out (via this comment) that to enjoy all of the runs (there are… Continue reading The Year in Bucharest Life

Dogs. Again. Woof!

Excellent report in the once indispensible but now rarely inspired Ziarul Financiar (ZF). It shows that the budget of the ASPA (the agency responsible for dealing with stray dogs in Bucharest) is €3.3 million per year (which comes directly from the city council’s own budget). This will, according to ZF, be spent on a number… Continue reading Dogs. Again. Woof!

Setting the Bucharest agenda

Bucharest will elect a new mayor in June. We have probably mentioned that already. Before we look in any real depth at the programmes of the main Bucharest mayoral candidates, however, we thought it might be a nice idea to come up with our own Priorities for Bucharest. So, having exhausted the best part of… Continue reading Setting the Bucharest agenda

Six-year-old killed by stray dogs. Go on, tell us it was his ‘own fault’

Not a good weekend for the humans in Romania’s ongoing civil war between stray dogs and people. On Saturday, a six-year-old boy in a village in Suceava was killed by a pack of stray dogs, while yesterday a woman in Arad was seriously injured after being attacked by a pack of dogs in Arad. That… Continue reading Six-year-old killed by stray dogs. Go on, tell us it was his ‘own fault’

Bucharest Life 2012: It’s all about politics

One thing will dominate Bucharest Life this coming year, and it’s not Elena Udrea in latex. No, having taken a year’s holiday, Romanian politics is back in a big way, with two sets of elections scheduled for 2012, the first since the controversial presidential election of 2008. As things stand today, the loose and unholy… Continue reading Bucharest Life 2012: It’s all about politics