‘In tara mea fumez unde vreau’

We are not – as we have pointed out on these very pages – in favour of a complete ban on smoking in public places. Although we have become rather evangelical non-smokers in the year and a bit since we gave up the fags, we remain hopeful that the invisible hand of the market will… Continue reading ‘In tara mea fumez unde vreau’

Bucharest’s non-smoking section (2)

At about this time last year Bucharest In Your Pocket became the first publisher in the city to come up with a thorough list of venues where smoking was not allowed (and not merely venues which have a so-called ‘non-smoking’ section – these are generally pointless and with a couple of exceptions not worth mentioning… Continue reading Bucharest’s non-smoking section (2)

Bucharest’s non-smoking section

March 2015: We have now updated this post. The new Non-smoking Bucharest list is here.  We’ve written on these pages a number of times about the fact that in Bucharest you can still smoke just about anywhere you like. Unique in that regard amongst European capitals, we in many ways think it is one of the… Continue reading Bucharest’s non-smoking section