It is not going too far to suggest that Bucharest (and Romania as a whole) has become a better place since March, when tough pro-health legislation outlawed smoking in almost all public indoor spaces. It is enough to visit a restaurant and see how many families with children can enjoy eating out without fearing for… Continue reading Smokescreen

Smoke-free Bucharest

As of midnight tonight it will be illegal to smoke in any indoor public space, anywhere in Romania. How long have we waited for this day? A smoke-free Bucharest, a smoke-free Romania and… we are not there to enjoy it. Still, we are back on Monday, and look forward to taking the family out for… Continue reading Smoke-free Bucharest

The Week in Bucharest Life

Joy unbounded in Bucharest this week at the news that Bogdan Diaconu (pictured above), formerly of the PSD and currently leader of a newly-founded political movement called the United Romania Party (PRU), would be standing for election as mayor of the Romanian capital. Furthermore, in a move reminiscent of the less-than-glorious 1930s, Diaconu also announced that he – along with… Continue reading The Week in Bucharest Life

And… breathe

Clean air. As expected, Romania’s constitutional court (CCR) today dismissed out of hand the ludicrous objections of the tobacco lobby and declared the clean-air bill passed by parliament in December as constitutional. The court’s presiding judge, Augustin Zegrean said that the law was a perfectly good one and that he, a smoker, now had ’45… Continue reading And… breathe

The Week in Bucharest Life

Romania took a great leap forwards this week when the country’s parliament finally voted to ban smoking in almost all indoor public spaces. The only exceptions to the law are airports (where a fully enclosed smoking section can be installed) and prisons (proof that a few politicians who enjoy a fag are no doubt thinking… Continue reading The Week in Bucharest Life