The Return of the Minister of Tourism

No, not her. Since the heyday of Elena Udrea the Romanian Ministry of Tourism has led something of a nomadic existence. Since losing its stand-alone status in 2014 it has at times been part of the Small Business Ministry, the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Regional Development. In the new, extended cabinet… Continue reading The Return of the Minister of Tourism

Fleecing the foreigners

We have spotted a worrying trend whilst researching the latest issue of Bucharest In Your Pocket (which, by the way, will be issue 100. Expect more on that particular subject. Much more): Tourists in Bucharest are being fleeced. In a nutshell, the old communist-era practice of charging foreign tourists more than locals is making a… Continue reading Fleecing the foreigners

Azuga & Romanian skiing

Start the year as you mean to go on: with a rant. The Bucharest Life New Year’s Eve destination of choice this year was Azuga, best known to most people as one of those places through which traffic crawls on the way to or from Brasov. There has been skiing at Azuga since 2002, when… Continue reading Azuga & Romanian skiing

Wild Carpathia 2

There is little doubt that 2011’s Travel Channel documentary Wild Carpathia was one of the best things that ever happened to the cause of promoting tourism in Romania. As we wrote at the time, while we found its politics somewhat unsavoury, it was all beautifully shot and Romania had seldom looked better. The Travel Channel… Continue reading Wild Carpathia 2

Romanian Tourism: with a little help from Bucharest In Your Pocket

A year after the copy/paste scandal which threatened to bring down* Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta, here’s a totally unrelated post about the Romanian Ministry of Tourism’s official Romanian travel website,, and the purely coincidental similarities between some of its content, and some of the content published in Bucharest In Your Pocket. We have… Continue reading Romanian Tourism: with a little help from Bucharest In Your Pocket