The Week in Romania

A 16-year-old boy died on Thursday in the western Romanian town of Arad due to complications resulting from measles. The boy had not been vaccinated against the illness. He is the third child to die of measles in Romanian over the past two months, as the country faces its worst outbreak of the virus in… Continue reading The Week in Romania

Romanian Senate to ‘salute’ convicted rapist

Convicted rapist and registered sex offender Mike Tyson will tomorrow attend a session of the Romanian Senate. At the invitation of PNL Senator Ben-Oni Ardelean, the general secretary of the Senate, Tyson will apparently be ‘saluted’. Why? Why is such an appalling human being even in Romania in the first place? To answer our own… Continue reading Romanian Senate to ‘salute’ convicted rapist


It is not going too far to suggest that Bucharest (and Romania as a whole) has become a better place since March, when tough pro-health legislation outlawed smoking in almost all public indoor spaces. It is enough to visit a restaurant and see how many families with children can enjoy eating out without fearing for… Continue reading Smokescreen

In Sector 1, a small victory

Every journey etc. Yesterday in Bucharest’s Sector 1 the Union to Save Bucharest (USB; soon to be Union to Save Romania, or USR) won a small yet highly significant victory. Shortly before the beginning of a council meeting the mayor of the Sector, Dan Tudorache (PSD) proposed a last minute amendment to the sector’s budget… Continue reading In Sector 1, a small victory

Victor Copy Paste Ponta

It’s official. Former Romanian prime minister Victor Ponta copied his PhD thesis. He will today – or at the very latest tomorrow – be stripped of his doctorate. Neither we nor anybody else will ever have to use quotation marks when referring to Victor Copy Paste Ponta again (the term was originally coined by former… Continue reading Victor Copy Paste Ponta