Today in Romania: 26/01/17

Romanian Justice Minister Florin Iordache declared today that the ministry under his jurisdiction would decide on Monday what to do about the two controversial emergency ordinances (OUGs) that would, if issued, pardon hundreds of corrupt politicians and cause cases to be dropped against many others. Iordache said that the two OUGs were ‘for the time… Continue reading Today in Romania: 26/01/17

The joy of motoring in Romania

We’ve been on something of a Romanian odyssey this past week. From one end of the country to another we’ve driven from Bucharest to Petresti and back, with stops at Cluj, Campia Turzii, Alba Iulia, Sibiu and Curtea de Arges along the way. What have we learnt? Nothing new, merely confirmation that driving long distances… Continue reading The joy of motoring in Romania

The year in Bucharest Life

We saw in the New Year in Petresti, Satu Mare, one of few villages in the world which can boast its own amphitheatre. On the way back we discovered the world’s smallest ski resort. Hardly had we returned to Bucharest than the city was witness to some of the worst violence it had seen in… Continue reading The year in Bucharest Life

Romanian government in useful website shock!

Who knew? There is a Romanian government website which informs you of every cancelled or heavily delayed train, closed road, airport and port in the country. We have been keeping an eye on it for a day or two and it appears to be not just accurate, but updated every half an hour or so:… Continue reading Romanian government in useful website shock!

Credit where it’s due

The holes dug last week as the result of a burst water main on our street were filled in this morning. They started work at some ungodly hour, waking up the entire street, but by lunchtime they had finished. A fairly decent job, too, by the looks of it.