Time off for old ink

Happy New Year. Here’s some reading for you: The loophole undermining Romania’s anti-corruption drive The work of Kit Gillet, the article looks at the disgraceful way in which Romania’s most corrupt politicians and businessmen are getting huge reductions in their prison sentences by writing books while in pokey. (When we say writing of course, we… Continue reading Time off for old ink

The Week in Bucharest Life

The 85-year old former Romanian president Ion Iliescu appeared before prosecutors on Wednesday after being charged with crimes against humanity for his role in the violent Mineriada of June 1990, when miners from the Jiu Valley put down peaceful anti-Iliescu protests in Piata Universitatii, killing six people and injuring hundreds in the process. Iliescu denies… Continue reading The Week in Bucharest Life

Former communist, post-communist & Ceausescu

We’ve written before about what we think of the whole ‘it’s all Ceausescu’s fault‘ meme. ‘Not a lot’, is the short answer. It’s about time however that a few other ideas were also thrown, once and for all, into the same barrel of bullshit. These include two phrases we have come to seriously detest: former… Continue reading Former communist, post-communist & Ceausescu