A big win for the DNA, but difficult times lie ahead

The former Romanian Minister of Tourism Elena Udrea was today found guilty of corruption and sentenced to six years in prison. As usually happens in Romania with non-violent offences, she will for the time being remain free on appeal. Six others – including the mafia-like former boss of Romania’s boxing association Rudel Obreja – were… Continue reading A big win for the DNA, but difficult times lie ahead

The Week in Aprica & Bormio

One of the reasons we write travel guides as opposed to doing anything which resembles proper journalism is because we have a tendency to go on holiday during important events (in this case, to Aprica and Bormio. We recommend both, not least the Stelvio run at Bormio). We were on holiday when Victor Ponta resigned… Continue reading The Week in Aprica & Bormio

Last Night in Bucharest

More than 150,000 people came out on to Bucharest’s streets last night to demonstrate against Romania’s government. The same number again took part in protests elsewhere in the country. In the capital, the protests ended in sporadic violence after a handful of football hooligans armed with flares and fireworks began to attack the gendarmes at… Continue reading Last Night in Bucharest

Today in Romania: 19/01/17

Rudderless and headless (Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu having joined PSD leader Liviu Dragnea in Washington), Romania’s government was eerily silent today. The bloody nose it received on Wednesday night from the surprisingly large protest against its proposed amnesty for all sorts of criminals appears to have taken the wind completely out of its sails. For… Continue reading Today in Romania: 19/01/17

Today in Romania: 09/01/17

Temperatures in Bucharest reached lows of -16°C early on Monday morning, with even colder weather set for Monday night/Tuesday morning. Lows of -29°C are expected in some parts of Romania, with temperatures in the capital slipping below -20°C. Much of the country is subject to an amber weather alert, which will remain in place until… Continue reading Today in Romania: 09/01/17