Lynch mob storms Bucharest City Council

Poor Gabriela Firea, Mayor of Bucharest. She barely escaped with her life yesterday after a vicious, fascist mob of terrorists funded by George Soros attempted to storm a meeting of the city council and overthrow the democratically elected mayor. Brave cops (© The Sun) were injured as they fought off the deadly intruders. That, more… Continue reading Lynch mob storms Bucharest City Council

So Iohannis is corrupt too?

No, at least not in this case. Here is the story of Strada Nicolae Balcescu 29, Sibiu. In 1999 Romanian President Klaus Iohannis purchased a house in central Sibiu (Strada Nicolae Balcescu 29) from a man called Nicolae Bastea. Bastea had claimed to be the rightful heir of Eliseu Ghenea, the last known owner of… Continue reading So Iohannis is corrupt too?

Then they came for the NGOs

How predictable was this? No doubt angered by its support for open society, democracy and the rule of law PSD leader Liviu Dragnea has Romanian civil society in his sights. ‘There are many NGOs in Romania who operate correctly, but there are also many who are possibly operating at the limit of law and who… Continue reading Then they came for the NGOs

George Soros, Romania, and the end of reason

If the first two weeks of campaigning ahead of Romania’s parliamentary election on December 11th have proven anything, it is that the country is heading towards utter disaster. Unless there is a far higher turnout than currently expected, then the country is about to vote itself into an abyss in which reason, critical thinking and… Continue reading George Soros, Romania, and the end of reason

Identify the traitors!

Say it loud: we’re traitorous bastards and we’re proud! Romanian Senator Ninel ‘Ninny’ Peia (PSD, as if you needed to ask), who sharp-eyed readers of this parish might recall has form (earlier this year he wanted to bring back laws from the Nicolae Ceausescu-era, and thinks teachers of sex education should be sent to prison),… Continue reading Identify the traitors!