Number crunching

During a debate about pollution on Europa FM yesterday, Bucharest city councilor Ciprian Ciucu (PNL) demanded action be taken fast as more than 8,000 people in the Romanian capital died annually of pollution-related illness. To which Aurelian Badulescu (the city’s deputy mayor, PSD) replied: ‘Is that a lot, 8000?’ During the same debate, Badulescu revealed… Continue reading Number crunching

Bucharest’s metro gets two more stations

Bucharest’s metro was extended today by a whopping – wait for it – 2.1 kilometres after two new stations, Laminorului and Lac Straulesti, were opened on the M4 line this morning. They are the first new stations on the system to open since Jiului and Parc Bazilescu (also on the M4 line) in 2011. Those… Continue reading Bucharest’s metro gets two more stations