Bucharest museum blues

A tale of three Bucharest museums. The director of the Romanian National Art Museum (MNAR), Roxana Theodorescu, told various assembled officials on Wednesday that if they wanted to visit her museum they should do so ‘as quickly as possible,’ because at the rate the museum is having to hand back nationalised works of art to… Continue reading Bucharest museum blues

What can Bucharest really pride itself on?

Last Friday evening we hosted a casual dinner at the Beraria Gambrinus for six distinguished English gentlemen, all in their sixties and seventies, and all except one visiting Bucharest for the first time. (What were we doing in such fine company? Well, one was a close friend of our father’s, and had invited us to… Continue reading What can Bucharest really pride itself on?

We’re closed

Hidden amongst the usual crap that masquerades as news on Pro TV last night was a short report looking at how many of Bucharest’s major attractions are closed just when tourists (and locals, we might add) want to visit them: bank holidays. The original Mediafax story the Pro TV report was pulled from can be… Continue reading We’re closed

Bucharest’s Botanical Gardens

It would be easy to say that Bucharest’s Botanical Garden is one of the city’s great, overlooked sights: a bit like the Bellu Cemetery. Yet while it doesn’t usually top the list of casual visitors to Bucharest, for locals it is one of the city’s most popular attractions: to call it overlooked would therefore be… Continue reading Bucharest’s Botanical Gardens

The Museum of Bucharest / Sutu Palace

Despite its central location, the Museum of Bucharest is strangely one of the most overlooked and forgotten in the Romanian capital. Millions of people pass it in their cars every year without ever going inside. Thousands more attend the various craft, book and art fairs that are regularly held in its courtyard without ever peeking… Continue reading The Museum of Bucharest / Sutu Palace