Easter weekend in Bucharest

A few ideas for things to do this Easter weekend in Bucharest, when it may at times appear that you have the city to yourself. On Saturday morning Valentin Mandache (who last week acted as tour guide for Prince Charles, no less) will be giving one of his architectural tours of the city, looking at… Continue reading Easter weekend in Bucharest

Easter lights

It would be nice, very nice, if these pages were not increasingly devoted to the fuckwittery of Bucharest’s mayor, the delightful Gabriela Firea. We mean it. No, we did not vote for her but we would be thrilled if she turned out to be such a fantastic, go-ahead, get-stuff-done administrator that even gnarled, bitter critics… Continue reading Easter lights

Wasn’t Easter last week?

Not in Romania, no. For most of the world, Easter fell on April 8th this year. For the Orthodox Christian world, however, of which Romania is a part, Easter comes a little later. Why? Because when calculating the date of Easter, the starting date used by Orthodox priests is taken from the Julian calendar, and… Continue reading Wasn’t Easter last week?