Bucharest’s notoriously awful taxi drivers have reportedly taken to underhand tactics in order to try and get rid of the competition: Uber. The ride-sharing app, which first appeared in the Romanian capital last year, has been gaining traction of late as more and more drivers hit the streets in order to meet increased demand. The… Continue reading Uber

Taxis at Otopeni (part 94)

Returning from London last night we had absolutely no problem whatsoever in finding a taxi at Otopeni. This report from last month was apparently true. Despite arriving at just after midnight (a notoriously busy time when three or four planes land one after the other) there was no queue at the dispensing machines and although… Continue reading Taxis at Otopeni (part 94)

Cheap taxis back at Otopeni. Possibly

Bucharest’s Otopeni Airport today announced that as of Wednesday June 15th, cheap taxis charging a maximum 1.40 lei will be allowed to wait for passengers directly outside the main, first-floor arrivals terminal. There will be no need to use the machines to order a taxi (unless you want a taxi from a particular company). The… Continue reading Cheap taxis back at Otopeni. Possibly

Otopeni Airport is a national embarrassment

Since April 1st of this year it has become very difficult (at times impossible) to easily find a cheap, trustworthy taxi at Bucharest’s Otopeni Henri Coanda Airport. How have we arrived at this ridiculous situation? Here’s a little background… For years Bucharest Otopeni Airport was home to some of the world’s most expensive taxis. In… Continue reading Otopeni Airport is a national embarrassment

Taxis at Otopeni: Power to the people!

A victory for Bucharest Life, the people of (and visitors to) Bucharest, and for common sense. Bucharest Otopeni today did a full reverse ferret on its recent decision to prevent cheap taxis from picking up passengers from the Romanian capital’s only airport. As our regular reader will know, ridiculous new rules introduced on April 1st… Continue reading Taxis at Otopeni: Power to the people!