When Bucharest’s taxis were state-run

Those were the days. Soviet cars, a state monopoly and no Uber to deal with. This is from a Romanian-language tourist guide to Bucharest published in 1954, which recently came into our possession: Journeys in the city with state taxis are metered and charged accordingly: A 3 lei starting fee and then 0.50 lei for… Continue reading When Bucharest’s taxis were state-run

The Dacia Amfibie

And we thought James Bond’s sea-faring Lotus was original. Indeed, you think you’ve seen it all and then you come across this, the Dacia Amfibie: a Dacia 1307 (papuc) specially adapted for the water. We spotted this absolute gem of a motor in the car park of the Maritime University in Constanta, where a friend… Continue reading The Dacia Amfibie


It was on this day in 1998 – at about tea time to be precise – that we first arrived in Bucharest, ostensibly to stay for a year or so in order to perfect the Romanian we had learnt at university in London. Fifteen years on and – a Florentine interlude from 2001-2 aside –… Continue reading Arrival

Romania travel article bingo

Posts like these now write themselves (as, it could be argued, do the travel articles they are about). Anyway, Romania travel article bingo. How to play? Simple. Just take the following list of words and phrases then tick them off as you read a travel article about Romania: Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu Dracula Dracula’s Castle… Continue reading Romania travel article bingo