Bucharest Craft Beer Festival

The first ever Bucharest Craft Beer Festival will next weekend bring together all of Romania’s best craft beers, IPAs and ciders from the finest breweries, as well as a few tipples from the neighbours, including Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia. Breweries taking part include: Bereta, Clark’s Cider, Sikaru, Zaganu, Caledonian Brewery, Csiki Sor and Ground Zero… Continue reading Bucharest Craft Beer Festival

Real cider. Made in Romania

Back in April we told you about the highly predictable reaction of Romania’s easily-bribed bloggers to the launch in Romania of Strongbow, that awful drink which calls itself cider, and which naive idiots drink thinking is cider. As we said then, Strongbow is not cider, and no right-thinking cider drinker who knows his apples would… Continue reading Real cider. Made in Romania

Strongbow is not real cider. The real stuff is on the way

Oh they love a freebie, those Romanian bloggers. Send them a crate of plutonium and they’d wax lyrical about how fantastic it is, just as long as they got to keep some. The latest product to turn up on their desks is the new-to-Romania Strongbow, that awful would-be cider which no right-thinking cider drinker would… Continue reading Strongbow is not real cider. The real stuff is on the way