The day job

Six months late and well over budget the digital version of Bucharest In Your Pocket has had a facelift. Go and take a look. It’s still not entirely finished, which is why this is a (very) soft launch, but there is plenty of flesh on the bones of the project, designed by a Pole whose… Continue reading The day job

Bucharest museum blues

A tale of three Bucharest museums. The director of the Romanian National Art Museum (MNAR), Roxana Theodorescu, told various assembled officials on Wednesday that if they wanted to visit her museum they should do so ‘as quickly as possible,’ because at the rate the museum is having to hand back nationalised works of art to… Continue reading Bucharest museum blues

Bucharest’s Botanical Gardens

It would be easy to say that Bucharest’s Botanical Garden is one of the city’s great, overlooked sights: a bit like the Bellu Cemetery. Yet while it doesn’t usually top the list of casual visitors to Bucharest, for locals it is one of the city’s most popular attractions: to call it overlooked would therefore be… Continue reading Bucharest’s Botanical Gardens