Sleeping With Sirens

Towns and cities across Romania have been testing their Cold War-era emergency/air raid sirens this morning. Most people (including us) heard absolutely nothing. Instead of being woken up by the impending doom of Russian nuclear weapons we slept through the whole thing, as did the Bucharest Life kids. A quick glance at Romanian social media… Continue reading Sleeping With Sirens

Easter lights

It would be nice, very nice, if these pages were not increasingly devoted to the fuckwittery of Bucharest’s mayor, the delightful Gabriela Firea. We mean it. No, we did not vote for her but we would be thrilled if she turned out to be such a fantastic, go-ahead, get-stuff-done administrator that even gnarled, bitter critics… Continue reading Easter lights

The Year in Bucharest Life

Stars of stage, screen and boxing ring may have died off at an alarming rate throughout 2016, but a Romanian law which came into effect in March will see millions live longer, healthier lives: smoking was finally banned in all indoor public spaces. The ban has made Romania a nicer place: cafes and restaurants are… Continue reading The Year in Bucharest Life

Taxis at Otopeni (part 94)

Returning from London last night we had absolutely no problem whatsoever in finding a taxi at Otopeni. This report from last month was apparently true. Despite arriving at just after midnight (a notoriously busy time when three or four planes land one after the other) there was no queue at the dispensing machines and although… Continue reading Taxis at Otopeni (part 94)