Why are Bucharest’s schools closed?

You may have heard the phrase ‘pe vremea mea’ used a lot over the past few days. It means ‘in my day’ and has been employed by various commentators far from happy at the fact that Bucharest’s schools are closed all of this week due to bad weather (snow and extreme cold). Now, don’t get… Continue reading Why are Bucharest’s schools closed?

Cold, Snow, Schools, Buses, Roads & Pavements. And Vaslui

The PSD is well and truly back in office. On Friday it issued a directive which obliterated perhaps the most important educational reform of the past twelve months. Under the government of Dacian Ciolos the heads of all Romania’s schools (many of whom had been appointed for political reasons) had been required to reapply for… Continue reading Cold, Snow, Schools, Buses, Roads & Pavements. And Vaslui

Friday feeling

Son of Bucharest Life usually comes home from school on Friday in a good mood. It’s the end of the week, that Friday feeling etc.  This Friday however he walked in utterly jubilant, beaming with a grin from ear to ear. This is most peculiar behaviour: like most 14-year-olds, ours thinks smiling takes years off… Continue reading Friday feeling

School’s in

If summer holidays do anything, it’s prove George Bernard Shaw’s mantra that school is just a convenient place where parents can park their kids for prolonged periods each day. Both son and daughter of Bucharest Life went back to school today, a mere three months after their summer holidays began. That feeling of freedom from… Continue reading School’s in


News today of children fainting from heatstroke in a hot Bucharest classroom because their backwards, medieval, dickhead of a teacher refused to open the classroom window. When a child did – out of sheer desperation – open a window, he was reprimanded and given a poor mark. Why? In Romania, open windows kill: curent. You… Continue reading Curent!