Bucharest’s budget

Leaving aside the fact that Bucharest still does not have a budget for 2017 (the mayor, Gabriela Firea, clearly has other priorities), this website has put together a number of graphics showing how the city spent its money last year (using data now freely available from Budget Transparency, a legacy of the Dacian Ciolos government’s… Continue reading Bucharest’s budget

Bucharest’s proposed bus lanes: mapped

Mihai Arcalean – a medical student with an interest in public transport – has drawn up a Google Map showing exactly where Bucharest’s long-promised dedicated bus lanes will be located. You can see it here. When will the bus lanes be operational? Nobody knows. Nor does anybody yet know when the 400 new buses, 100… Continue reading Bucharest’s proposed bus lanes: mapped

Bus Lanes

On Monday we asked where are the dedicated bus lanes we were promised? Today, Bucharest City Council published a list of those major streets on which it wants to implement bus lanes. It is a long list, which you can see here. Before the council can begin painting ‘BUS’ all over the place however, the… Continue reading Bus Lanes

RATB in minor improvement shocker

Whisper it, but there has been a minor revolution at RATB, the Bucharest public transport authority. In what we can only describe as a very small yet welcome leap forward, it has begun to publish full timetable information for every route it operates. What’s more, our early, wholly unscientific experiments would suggest that the timetables… Continue reading RATB in minor improvement shocker

Bucharest metro extension to Otopeni finally gets the go-ahead. Kind of

According to some reports, it’s official: the Bucharest metro will be extended to Otopeni Airport and work begins this year. No, really, this time it’s apparently happening. For certain. No ifs, no buts. It will be ready by 2020, in time for that year’s European Football Championships (Bucharest is hosting four matches). The Japanese government… Continue reading Bucharest metro extension to Otopeni finally gets the go-ahead. Kind of