Bucharest City Council in new arse and elbow mix-up

A clever and provocative art installation drawing attention to the fact that Bucharest’s drivers have a habit of parking just about wherever they like (you can take a look at our Badly Parked Cars page if you need any evidence) has been causing something of a stir in the Romanian capital this week. The installation… Continue reading Bucharest City Council in new arse and elbow mix-up

The Week in Bucharest Life

It’s been a bad year for Alina Gorghiu, leader of the Romanian Liberal Party (PNL). A shoo-in to be the country’s first female prime minister this time last year she has spent the past 12 months showing just why she is utterly unfit for the job. Leaving aside accusations that her law firm did business… Continue reading The Week in Bucharest Life

File Bucharest under water

As if Bucharest didn’t have enough problems, with its mayor Sorin Oprescu currently on remand facing a raft of corruption charges, the Romanian Anti-Corruption Unit – the DNA – announced at the weekend that the city’s entire council (that being, for the avoidance of about, every single councilor) was on the take. Of course, to… Continue reading File Bucharest under water

Some parts of Bucharest are dog free

Woof! We had to pay a visit to Bucurestii Noi yesterday morning, to Jiului to be precise, and as we emerged from the metro we were met by a pack of four rather unpleasant looking, and ferociously barking stray dogs. They appeared to have emerged from the courtyard of a factory whose gates had been… Continue reading Some parts of Bucharest are dog free

Legea capitalei & Misleading advertising

We saw this advert – there are various versions doing the rounds on Bucharest’s billboards, websites etc. – and got all excited: Is there finally going to be a referendum on killing all the city’s stray dogs? Erm… No. In fact, as we write, there is no referendum planned on anything in Bucharest, although Elena… Continue reading Legea capitalei & Misleading advertising