Azuga & Romanian skiing

Start the year as you mean to go on: with a rant. The Bucharest Life New Year’s Eve destination of choice this year was Azuga, best known to most people as one of those places through which traffic crawls on the way to or from Brasov. There has been skiing at Azuga since 2002, when… Continue reading Azuga & Romanian skiing

Bucharest IYP 89

Yes, another Bucharest In Your Pocket is out and about (or will be very, very soon), and we don’t think we’re giving too much away by telling you that this issue is packed with even more good stuff than usual. For a start, there’s the Jewish Bucharest feature we trailed here, which looks at both… Continue reading Bucharest IYP 89

The year in Bucharest Life

We saw in the New Year in Petresti, Satu Mare, one of few villages in the world which can boast its own amphitheatre. On the way back we discovered the world’s smallest ski resort. Hardly had we returned to Bucharest than the city was witness to some of the worst violence it had seen in… Continue reading The year in Bucharest Life