Poiana Brasov

The winter of 1999-2000 was a good one for skiing in Romania. There was snow in abundance, the DN1 wasn’t anything like as busy as it is these days and from early December to the end of March we skied in Poiana Brasov just about every weekend. Only one or two were missed. The modus… Continue reading Poiana Brasov

Azuga & Romanian skiing

Start the year as you mean to go on: with a rant. The Bucharest Life New Year’s Eve destination of choice this year was Azuga, best known to most people as one of those places through which traffic crawls on the way to or from Brasov. There has been skiing at Azuga since 2002, when… Continue reading Azuga & Romanian skiing

More on the cost of skiing in Romania

We first highlighted the quite shocking cost of lift passes at Romanian ski resorts over a year ago, in a rant about the general state of skiing in the country. Since then there has been improvement – infrastructure wise, at least. Besides the opening of the Arena Platos near Sibiu (more hereafter) new lifts and… Continue reading More on the cost of skiing in Romania

Bucharest In Your Pocket 74

Is done and dusted. It features lots of new places to eat and drink in the capital (assuming that they do not burn down between now and the time you read the guide), as well as a feature on skiing in Romania. This year has finally seen a fair bit of investment in the skiing… Continue reading Bucharest In Your Pocket 74

Wipe Busteni from the map

An otherwise glorious weekend at Susai, above Predeal (more about Susai later) was spoiled somewhat – as usual – by the traffic. In both directions the journey (of less than 160 kilometres) took four hours. Given that there are not currently any real alternatives, sitting in traffic has to be accepted as part and parcel… Continue reading Wipe Busteni from the map