Some parts of Bucharest are dog free

Woof! We had to pay a visit to Bucurestii Noi yesterday morning, to Jiului to be precise, and as we emerged from the metro we were met by a pack of four rather unpleasant looking, and ferociously barking stray dogs. They appeared to have emerged from the courtyard of a factory whose gates had been… Continue reading Some parts of Bucharest are dog free

Dogs. Again. Woof!

Excellent report in the once indispensible but now rarely inspired Ziarul Financiar (ZF). It shows that the budget of the ASPA (the agency responsible for dealing with stray dogs in Bucharest) is €3.3 million per year (which comes directly from the city council’s own budget). This will, according to ZF, be spent on a number… Continue reading Dogs. Again. Woof!