No Smoking

One year ago today smoking was banned in all indoor public spaces in Romania. The doom and gloom merchants said it would never work, and that cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs would close. They were wrong. Most venues in fact thrive. What has made the law work – in our opinion – is the… Continue reading No Smoking


It is not going too far to suggest that Bucharest (and Romania as a whole) has become a better place since March, when tough pro-health legislation outlawed smoking in almost all public indoor spaces. It is enough to visit a restaurant and see how many families with children can enjoy eating out without fearing for… Continue reading Smokescreen

And… breathe

Clean air. As expected, Romania’s constitutional court (CCR) today dismissed out of hand the ludicrous objections of the tobacco lobby and declared the clean-air bill passed by parliament in December as constitutional. The court’s presiding judge, Augustin Zegrean said that the law was a perfectly good one and that he, a smoker, now had ’45… Continue reading And… breathe