RATB in new absurdity

There was a marvellous report on the news last night about how RATB – the company which operates public transport in Bucharest – has inadvertently picked up our ‘make public transport in Bucharest free‘ idea and put it into practice. Due to an almighty cock-up in RATB’s Department of Crapness (we feel certain it has… Continue reading RATB in new absurdity

Make public transport in Bucharest free

RATB, the state-owned agency which operates surface-level public transport in Bucharest, last week published a report claiming that almost half of all passengers on its buses, trams and trolleybuses do not have valid tickets. Given that those who do pay for tickets are purchasing the cheapest public transport tickets in the European Union (one trip… Continue reading Make public transport in Bucharest free

Bucharest’s Not Very Activ Card

For those of us who use public transport in Bucharest (be it out of necessity or simply for the hell of it) one of the most useful developments in recent years was the launch of the Activ Card: a kind of Oyster for Bucharest which could be loaded up with season tickets or simply pay-as-you-go… Continue reading Bucharest’s Not Very Activ Card