The new government’s programme

Is here (in Romanian) for anyone who wants to read it. We have read the edited highlights and have to say that if they deliver on even half of the policies listed in this document, then the future’s bright. As it is, they face a hostile parliament and have given themselves only a year, so… Continue reading The new government’s programme

Sing, or else!

There was much kerfuffle in the UK yesterday after the newly elected leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, failed to sing the national anthem God Save the Queen during an event to mark 75 years since the Battle of Britain. Well, good for him. We are not Corbyn fans, but the idea that somebody… Continue reading Sing, or else!


We’re not going to get into the whole gay debate: too much ink has been spilt already. What we will say, however, is this: Any parent who dresses his kid in a t-shirt featuring the face of Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, 1930s leader of the scumbag, death-cult Legionnaire Movement and one of the most evil Romanians… Continue reading Scumbags

The law is the law

Unless you are a Romanian senator, it would appear. Angry that the Romanian anti-corruption agency, the DNA, is currently cleaning up Romanian politics, a group of senators have tabled an amendment to the penal procedures code designed to make it very difficult for the DNA to do its job. If the amendment becomes law it… Continue reading The law is the law

Green Bucharest

Our Dear Leader Robert Negoita – Mayor of the Peoples’ Republic of Bucharest Sector 3 – today invited fresh ridicule with the statement that Bucharest was ‘the greenest city in Europe.’ Negoita said that he had visited Vienna, Berlin, Rome and Paris and yet had never seen a city as green as the Romanian capital.… Continue reading Green Bucharest