Today in Romania: 17/01/17

Sevil Shhaideh, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea’s first proposal for prime minister following December’s parliamentary elections, has been left in charge of the shop while actual PM Sorin Grindeanu is in Washington (in an unofficial capacity) for Donald Trump’s inauguration. Shhaideh, the Minister for Regional Development, was refused the job of prime minister by President Klaus… Continue reading Today in Romania: 17/01/17

Today in Romania: 16/01/17

Former Romanian President Ion Iliescu was questioned by military prosecutors on Monday in connection with the 1990 Mineriada, in which Iliescu shipped in miners from the Jiu Valley to brutally suppress pro-democracy demonstrations in Piata Universitatii. Many died and thousands were injured in three days of government-sponsored rioting. Iliescu – who is charged with crimes… Continue reading Today in Romania: 16/01/17

Today in Romania: 13/01/17

The Mayor of Bucharest Gabriela Firea sacked the director of the city’s circus, Victor Coman. The move follows yesterday’s fire at the circus stables, in which 11 animals were killed. Firea also today announced plans to rush through the city council a proposal to ban performing animals from any circus in the city. On this… Continue reading Today in Romania: 13/01/17

Today in Romania: 11/01/17

Bucharest and much of eastern Romania was paralysed by the heaviest snowfall of the past few years. Around half a metre of snow fell in just a few hours on Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, blocking roads and closing Otopeni airport (nothing took off until 08:00). More than 130 trains were cancelled. Bucharest’s mayor,… Continue reading Today in Romania: 11/01/17

Today in Romania: 10/01/17

Dan Voiculescu, the former Romanian senator and owner of the Intact Media Group (which controls the Antena TV stations) was denied early release from prison today. Voiculescu is serving a 10 year sentence for corruption, and had hoped that he would be granted time off in lieu of the vast number of books he has… Continue reading Today in Romania: 10/01/17