Sector 3’s facelift: It’s all on the never-never

You can’t swing a cat in Bucharest’s Sector 3 at the moment without hitting yet another block getting a ‘free, EU-financed’ facelift. Ahead of June 5th’s local election, the mayor of our glorious People’s Republic, Robert Negoita, has focused his re-election campaign on the renovation of communist-era blocks. Negoita would have us believe that he… Continue reading Sector 3’s facelift: It’s all on the never-never

Brutal Bucharest

We posted a few weeks ago about Bucharest’s blocks, and about how we thought they deserved a day in the sun: after all, they are the backbone of the modern city and we would be lost (and, indeed, homeless) without them. Anyway, not wanting to clutter up these pages with endless photos of grim blocks,… Continue reading Brutal Bucharest

Bucharest’s blocks

Central Bucharest – despite all appearances – is home to some of the most amazing architecture in Europe. Though it seems difficult to believe sometimes, for the first two or three decades of the 20th century the Romanian capital was as avant garde as anywhere when it came to architecture. There are hundreds of masterpieces… Continue reading Bucharest’s blocks