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Blocking the entrance to the Universitate car park.
Blocking the entrance to the Universitate car park.

Badly Parked Car Bucharest








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Bucharest badly parked car

Yes, they really are parked
Yes, they really are parked and not queued... And the one on the left hand side is in front of a car park exit

Badly parked car Bucharest

Badly parked car in Bucharest

Strada Buzesti
Outside a school
At Ikea
Pictured at Ikea
Photographed by a reader on the steps of the National History Museum on Calea Victoriei.

Outside the Bucuresti Mall

 Strada Grigore Ionescu/Str. Cristea Mateescu

 Strada Grigore Ionescu/Str. Cristea Mateescu

Am un jip io. Ye Bemve

Two for the price of one

This car had just crossed the road using the pedestrian crossing. Probably.

One of many in the area. We could have photographed a hundred

White convertible? As socially acceptable at white socks in our books.

parchez unde vreau

Use the pavement and think yourself lucky

What's more, this car is pointing in the wrong direction on a one-way streetthe

A popular place to illegally park your car (see above)

Pedestrians? Use the road

  • Cristina
  • Ronald Young

    why don’t you gather some people and ideas and start a campaign: petition the police (the police could get a lot of legal money just by fining those “car owners” who”don’t have enough parking space. Unfortunately the police choose to turn a blind eye. Or slap a sticker on the car – a few years ago someone tried this with a sticker which proclaimed – “I hate pedestrians”

    • Parmalat

      The police is not a private enterprise so as to raise money by fining people.

      The role of the police (and of the lawmakers and justice system) is to mitigate social risk. That means to apply the law up to the point which all parties involved would consider fair.

      Doing otherwise would lead the country to social and/or political dissent. For example – to #Brexit.

  • I had a very amusing & surreal moment on friday that not in a million years wiould I have scripted.

    I was with a partner real estate agent I dont know very well. Big fella, 6ft 2 inches, karate champion in a former time but also quite a calm & gentle guy.

    We were jointly showing a foreign client some commercial shops for sale around the city. At one point, the agent, who was acting as our driver since we were in his car, parked in the mouth of a carpark to a whole development.

    I assumed he was just letting us out to park properly. I never looked back to see that he in fact just gathered his things & locked the car up right there, blocking at least 100 cars inside the complex & plenty more wishing to enter.

    When we returned 20 mins later, there was a string of cars waiting behind this chaps parked car. When the driver approached his car, the nearest blocked driver went biserk at him, screaming & shouting.

    In my native UK this would only have ended one way. But our driver walked calmly to his car, retrieved some leaflets from the car, returned to the fray & proceeded to preach forgiveness & understanding as the enlighened path to resolving this. It actually worked!!.

    For a moment, a lot of people stood in shock as they were forced to reconsider their feelings in an unexpected way. I was thinking, ‘only in Romania this could happen, but also, I was quietly impressed. No question about our drivers ability to defend himself & he chose that path. Funny & inspiring at the same time.

    • Mihaela

      I laughed so hard-because it’s true.The splendid narrative is so genuine and accurate.Cheers,dude!

  • On one of my trips to Bucharest, a driver shouted at me to hurry up and clear the pavement in order for him to park his car. It is ridiculous what’s happening in Romania at the moment, not just Bucharest, but all major cities as the infrastructure is failing to keep up with the pace of development and growth. On one hand, you can’t blame these car owners as there are simply not enough parking spaces around this blocks of flats or visitor attractions to accommodate all these cars. On the other hand, Romanians need a major cultural re-education.

    • Mr Rearguard

      I hope you gave his motor a good kicking.

      • I didn’t. After nearly 11 years of living abroad I guess I lost the habit 🙂

        • Giuseppe

          Didn’t know there was a relationship between living abroad and the habit of kicking cars.

          • Living in Romania, one might feel the urge to kick many things (cars included), Mr Rearguard had a good point in the above context. Living abroad I don’t have to deal with incivility on a daily basis and therefore I lost the habit of acting on impulse in situations such as the one mentioned above.

            • Giuseppe

              Ah, the lovely “I live abroad therefore I’m better than the peasants back home” crowd.

  • tom lovelock.

    Seen the black mini many times,the girls a selfish idiot.