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Corner of Jean-Louis Calderon and Thomas Masaryk.

Corner of Jean-Louis Calderon and Thomas Masaryk.





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Courtesy @nwradu

Bucharest badly parked car


Yes, they really are parked

Yes, they really are parked and not queued... And the one on the left hand side is in front of a car park exit

Badly Parked Car Bucharest

Badly parked car Bucharest

Badly parked car in Bucharest

Strada Buzesti

Outside a school

At Ikea

Pictured at Ikea

Photographed by a reader on the steps of the National History Museum on Calea Victoriei.

Outside the Bucuresti Mall

 Strada Grigore Ionescu/Str. Cristea Mateescu

 Strada Grigore Ionescu/Str. Cristea Mateescu

Taxi Cobalcescu 661: you're a dickhead

Am un jip io. Ye Bemve

Two for the price of one

This car had just crossed the road using the pedestrian crossing. Probably.

One of many in the area. We culd have photographed a hundred

White convertible? As socially acceptable at white socks in our books.

Bemveul meu imi parchez unde vreau

Use the pavement and think yourself lucky

What's more, theis car is pointing in the wrong direction on a one-way streetthe

A popular place to illegally park your car (see above)

Pedestrians? Use the road


  1. Aida Rusu says:

    On one of my trips to Bucharest, a driver shouted at me to hurry up and clear the pavement in order for him to park his car. It is ridiculous what’s happening in Romania at the moment, not just Bucharest, but all major cities as the infrastructure is failing to keep up with the pace of development and growth. On one hand, you can’t blame these car owners as there are simply not enough parking spaces around this blocks of flats or visitor attractions to accommodate all these cars. On the other hand, Romanians need a major cultural re-education.

    • Mr Rearguard says:

      I hope you gave his motor a good kicking.

      • Aida Rusu says:

        I didn’t. After nearly 11 years of living abroad I guess I lost the habit :)

        • Giuseppe says:

          Didn’t know there was a relationship between living abroad and the habit of kicking cars.

          • Aida Rusu says:

            Living in Romania, one might feel the urge to kick many things (cars included), Mr Rearguard had a good point in the above context. Living abroad I don’t have to deal with incivility on a daily basis and therefore I lost the habit of acting on impulse in situations such as the one mentioned above.

  2. tom lovelock. says:

    Seen the black mini many times,the girls a selfish idiot.

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