Nasty foreigners to blame

Remember the second half of 2013? When the lunatic fringes of the British press (the Daily Mail and Daily Express in particular) were whipping up a panic over the imminent arrival of zillions of Romanians and Bulgarians on January 1st 2014? It was all tosh of course (the numbers of those who arrived were minimal),… Continue reading Nasty foreigners to blame

On tolerance and hypocrisy

We think that we’ve made it clear over the past few months what we think of Ukip, the UK’s political party du jour which took the highest share of the vote in the recent European parliamentary elections. We also think that we have made it clear over the years exactly where we stand in the… Continue reading On tolerance and hypocrisy

Why not voting is the right thing to do

When we were kids, there were two opposing schools of political thought. There was the left, which advocated social justice and state control of the economy, and there was the right, which thought the state should stay as far away from the economy as possible. It wasn’t always pretty, it was often gladiatorial, but on… Continue reading Why not voting is the right thing to do

This whole immigration row is a needless distraction

So now it’s a full scale diplomatic row. Romania and the UK are at loggerheads over London’s perceived anti-Romanian (and Bulgarian) stance on immigration. As of January 1st next year Romanians and Bulgarians will have the same right to seek employment in the UK as currently enjoyed by all other European Union citizens. The UK… Continue reading This whole immigration row is a needless distraction