For the very last time*: Prince Charles & Romania

A new biography of our old friend Prince Charles was published last week, titled Charles: The Heart of a King. The work of Time journalist Catherine Mayer, the book is not an official biography (indeed, given that it is not chronological it is not really a conventional biography at all – and all the better… Continue reading For the very last time*: Prince Charles & Romania

Prince Charles & Romania

‘Eco-hypocrite’ Prince Charles, who a couple of weeks ago told people in the United States that they should eat fewer steaks for the sake of the planet (this from a man who reportedly has 82 servants) is this week on a private visit to Romania, where he owns property. Tomorrow he will apparently meet Romania’s… Continue reading Prince Charles & Romania

Soars, Viscri & the obligatory Charles rant

To Soars, a small village just over the hills from Fagaras, a village in which Mother-in-law of Bucharest Life worked (at the mayor’s office) for a time in the 1980s. Some friends have a house there, and as we were at a loose end this holiday weekend we decided to go: we hadn’t been for… Continue reading Soars, Viscri & the obligatory Charles rant

The Year in Bucharest Life

We began the year as we meant to go on, with a bit of a whinge about the ongoing sorry state of Romania’s skiing infrastructure. What particularly riled us at Azuga was the need to buy two lift passes. We later found out (via this comment) that to enjoy all of the runs (there are… Continue reading The Year in Bucharest Life

Wild Carpathia 2

There is little doubt that 2011’s Travel Channel documentary Wild Carpathia was one of the best things that ever happened to the cause of promoting tourism in Romania. As we wrote at the time, while we found its politics somewhat unsavoury, it was all beautifully shot and Romania had seldom looked better. The Travel Channel… Continue reading Wild Carpathia 2