When Bucharest’s taxis were state-run

Those were the days. Soviet cars, a state monopoly and no Uber to deal with. This is from a Romanian-language tourist guide to Bucharest published in 1954, which recently came into our possession:

Journeys in the city with state taxis are metered and charged accordingly: A 3 lei starting fee and then 0.50 lei for each 150 metres in Volga cars, and a 3 lei starting fee and then 0.50 lei for each 200 metres in Pobeda or Moscvici cars. Waiting time costs 30 lei per hour.

Outside of the city, the prices are reduced to 2.50 lei per kilometre for Volga cars, and 2 lei per kilometre for Pobeda and Moscvici cars. Prices are for return journeys.

Taxis can be ordered by calling 12.02.40 or 12.03.86

Note the types of car: Moscvici, Pobeda (above) and Volga. All were manufactured in the Soviet Union. This was before the age of the all-conquering Dacia (the first Dacia rolled off the production line in 1969).