Lynch mob storms Bucharest City Council

Poor Gabriela Firea, Mayor of Bucharest. She barely escaped with her life yesterday after a vicious, fascist mob of terrorists funded by George Soros attempted to storm a meeting of the city council and overthrow the democratically elected mayor. Brave cops (© The Sun) were injured as they fought off the deadly intruders.

That, more or less, is Firea’s version (which you can read here) of what went on at yesterday’s council meeting. The truth of course is rather different.

Since being elected mayor exactly a year ago Firea has been reluctant to allow members of the public to attend council meetings. (We have touched on the subject before). By rights, anyone can attend: 30 or so seats in the council chamber are reserved for members of the public. In keeping with her now well-known aversion to anything resembling transparency, Firea has spent the past 12 months doing all she can to keep the public out. Even opposition councilors who have tried to livestream meetings have been roughed up by Firea’s allies. Given what goes on – abuses of procedure, last-second changes to the agenda, votes on expensive, previously unannounced projects – it is no wonder Firea wants the public kept at arm’s length. Heavens forbid anything should detract from her carefully nurtured saintly image.

Yesterday, a number of civic activists who week after week go through the process of registering for the public seats only to turn up and fine there are none were once again denied entry. As is now par for the course, Firea had ignored the public and had filled the council chamber with members of her staff. This time however, not all of the seats were filled, and an opposition councilor got word out that some were free. And yet still the public was denied access. Understandably, people got angry, voices were raised and as Firea’s security staff tried to force people to leave there may have been a scuffle or two. All rather unfortunate, and all avoidable if Firea had relented and allowed the public to have access. Instead, she is now trying to portray herself as the victim.

A PNL senator, Ovidiu Raetchi, has asked Firea to publish lists of all those members of the public who have attended council meetings since her election. It would be a huge surprise if the vast majority, if not all, were not in fact council employees.

Finally, a reminder that Firea is not totally averse to random people turning up at the council: Antena 3 (Firea’s former employer) had no problem gaining access when Mihai Gadea turned up with a camera crew for a ‘spontaneous’ interview earlier this year.

Of course, Gadea didn’t ask any tricky questions. Firea may have been crap at running Bucharest, but she has been very effective at shielding herself from any members of the press or public who might put her in difficult situations. The only time she did, she ended up looking stupid. She will not do it again: expect her to become even more of a recluse, talking only to journalists who can be relied upon to offer up dolly drop questions designed to make her look good.

All the more reason to sign the petition for a recall vote.