• caisys

    Am I the only one who sees a penis or at least a flipping hand in the middle section?

  • nashu

    I bet you know what the logo of Amsterdam is. Or, at least, you know which city does that logo represent when you see it.

  • Caim Astraea

    Money well spent 👏

  • Ethan

    I get the concept and there’s some real thought behind the design. I like it as a drawing.


    Simplicity is key to logo design. This logo is not a simple.

    This logo would make a cool poster or something. The city should use it for sure, just not as the city logo.

    • Mr Rearguard

      Would look good flying high next to any petrol station?

  • Phil

    Is the bottom part the Arc de Triumf? A crap landmark for a crap logo.