The PSD chooses its new leader

Romania’s ruling party, the PSD, today elects a new leader. In keeping with its roots in the old Romanian Communist Party, there is just one candidate: Liviu Dragnea.

Dragnea is a convicted criminal, who back in May was found guilty of electoral fraud during the 2012 presidential referendum, a crime for which he received a year’s suspended prison sentence.

We couldn’t think of anybody more suited to the leadership of the PSD.

  • random

    ”Celebrating victory over the f(e)roes?” that tweet deserves a blog post on its own. would love to hear your thought process..

    • For a country like Romania, qualifying for the European Championship should be a given, especially as just about everyone qualifies, and the group they were in was probably the easiest in recorded history. What’s to celebrate? They met their target: indeed, it could be said they failed to meet their target, as they should have easily won the group. Celebrate by all means if they exceed that target and do well in the tournament, but not before: it’s unbecoming.

      • Root-of-Vexation

        I think it is easier to qualify in the sense more teams than ever before can do just that, and as strength of quality in the group, Romania’s wasn’t the hardest, you could argue. However they still had to do just that – not exactly a free scoring side Romania, not blessed with stars of the past, I mean who’s their stand out players or even close to world class … but I think it’s a bit unfair not to give them praise for qualifying as nothing is a given. Just ask the Dutch, Serbia etc … Some ‘good’ sides haven’t managed qualification, so I’d say Romania deserves credit for doing so.

        I know Hungary haven’t made it but Romania and Russia have, perhaps Croatia too – so let’s hope the racist supporters don’t ruin the tournament, that’s the last thing football needs right now.

        • Mr Rearguard

          What racist supporters? Oh don’t tell me that you have been reading British mainstream media crap again Roger. A mate of mine, sensible lad went along to France98 world cup. Sat on a terrace bar sipping some beers when all of a sudden he was approached by English journalists. They poured beer down his neck and egged him on to do something daft. Sensible lad did just that. He threw a plastic chair into the street and left it at that. Next day he was all over the front page of The Sun; Britains most wanted thug!

          • Root-of-Vexation

            Sadly I’ve witnessed it personally Rearguard and of course not everything in the mainstream media is made up … I think you’ve been reading too many conspiracy theories old bean šŸ˜‰


            I know some don’t like it, but there is a significant problem with racist Romanians in football.

  • CommonSense-Less

    Out of interest Craig, do you know why he received a years SUSPENDED instead of actually being locked up? I guess the PSD isn’t interested in assuming power any time soon…

  • Totally unrelated news:there are elections in Belarus!

    • At least there was a choice of candidates!

  • Root-of-Vexation

    A corrupt and pre-planned shoe in, with a sole candidate with a tarnished past?

    It has similarities with Juncker, the Commission President of the failing and undemocratic European Union.

    What a surprise – corrupt and self serving politicians, who’d have thought it!

    How’s he elected – don’t tell me, a secret ballot like Juncker ?

    Is this really true democracy ? #voteleave

    • CommonSense-Less

      Oh Woger, you should know by now that Juncker was elected by the democratically elected EU parliament, no secret about it. Blissful ignorance on your part again.

      • Root-of-Vexation

        Anon, if you’re going to continue stalking me and ruining the forum, that’s fine, only Craig can delete your goading posts or ban your IP address …

        But the least you can do, is learn to read my posts correctly.

        I said it has similarities with Juncker, that’s not to say it’s inclusive of all the same traits, just some. For example a questionable past on integrity.

        Furthermore Juncker was elected finally in a secret ballot, that is a fact. – so you’re assumptions and inability to understand basic sentences are evident again.

        Here’s proof Juncker was elected via a secret ballot – I never mentioned anything about a democratically elected EU or whatever you made up in your post – so your wrong to accuse me of doing so, please get your facts right in the future, thank you.

        This link confirms Juncker was elected by a secret ballot as I originally correctly stated – so I’ll accept an apology and we can move on, thank you Anon.

        • CommonSense-Less

          Yawn go back and read your own posts sometime woger. Sweet dreams little monkey.

          • Root-of-Vexation

            I’ll take that as your way of an apology that I’ve proven you were wrong, as usual, and I’ve conclusively proved I was indeed right.

            Thanks for wishing me sweet dreams and maturely calling me a monkey mate, glad to know you take being proven wrong so well.

            Root of vexation strikes again šŸ™‚

          • Root-of-Vexation

            Anon, I’ll take that as your way of an apology for being wrong and me being right, as is so often the case.

            You can’t beat good old hard facts to put someone in their place. The root of vexation strikes yet again šŸ™‚

            Juncker was elected by a secret ballot as I originally quite correctly stated – he also does have similarities to this Romanian crook.

            IT goes to show the EUssr is very similar to the murky goings on of the Romanian political elite – though no real surprise there šŸ™‚

            • Expatescu

              Or perhaps the two of you could just shut the fuck up and leave each other alone. This would require a modicum of adult self-control, but I bet you’re both up to it.

            • Mr Rearguard

              Pack it in children!

            • Root-of-Vexation

              I’ll give it a go Expatescu, and I’ve changed names and apologised to all, including yourself – but if you ever get a cyber stalker … You’ll see it’s not easy to resist putting them in their place … I’ll carry on posting on the topics at hand – and let’s see if he can find something else to keep his life occupied, or will he just carry on angrily stalking me?

              Sometime you’ve just gotta defend yourself, but probably comes a point when you just have to ignore and pity it … Hope for everyone’s sake I’ll do the latter sooner than later or he decides to grow up and find something to do with his ‘life.’

              Got to be more to life than stalking and getting angry with complete strangers spellwing and grammer on the Internet – hasn’t there, their or they’re šŸ˜‰

            • CommonSense-Less
            • Root-of-Vexation