Strongbow is not real cider. The real stuff is on the way

Oh they love a freebie, those Romanian bloggers. Send them a crate of plutonium and they’d wax lyrical about how fantastic it is, just as long as they got to keep some.

The latest product to turn up on their desks is the new-to-Romania Strongbow, that awful would-be cider which no right-thinking cider drinker would ever touch. Indeed, it makes Real Cider’s list of ‘Ciders not recognised as being real‘ and indeed it isn’t: it only has a 25 per cent apple juice content. Strongbow is basically alcoholic fizzy-pop. Cider it ain’t.

Here are just a few highly objective reactions to Strongbow’s recent Romanian launch:

(There are hundreds more. Note how similar all these posts are: almost all mention how good Strongbow is with ice, as though it were some kind of contractual obligation. That’s what happens when you copy and paste the same press release).

The good news however is that the real thing is on the way, and it’s being made in Romania, with 100 per cent Romanian apples. (That’s if anyone is still interested: if they taste Strongbow they might be put off cider for life). The Romanian cider is called Cidru Clarks, a labour of love for its producer, long-time Romanian resident and all-round good egg Alan Clark. He told us today that his brew is ready, and is just awaiting the final authorisations from the powers that be. He expects it to be available in two to three weeks.

Watch this space.

  • Mr Rearguard

    @Craig’s Tw**t. Can’t bring myself to type that word! “Just discovered that there’s a taxi company in Brasov called Bratax. Sounds like a levy on cleavage”………………Brilliant, going to use them next time I’m there!

  • Giuseppe

    “The Romanian cider is called Cidru Clarks”

    Oh, globalization, you’re so funny.

  • Sounds excellent. Hope it’s available in the sticks

    • Mr Rearguard

      If you’re out in the sticks, then you should try making your own? Perhaps you do? I’m making another attempt this year at making cider. Last year my home made rose wine was an absolute knock out! I’ve still got about 100litres left to get through. It’s the talk of the village.

      • Woger

        I love a glass of red with my young lady friend and a touch of Vaseline for my bald head.

        • Woger

          You’re bald as well as stupid Roger? Haha

          • Woger

            Stupid would be still not realising when someone’s taking the micky and speaking not as there self lol.

            On topic though I’m sure wine lovers would agree Romania produces some lovely stuff, as does neighbouring Moldova.

            The climate may not be so great for lush green grass areas as Craig has rightly said in another article, but for certain produce such as wine, it’s fantastic, you can have your own personal vineyard.